Rift Through 2012

Pardon me while I go find my jaw, it hit the floor a few minutes ago. Here, watch this in the meantime.

Man, I think I’m going to need some ice. Trion why? Why are you doing this to the MMO community? Don’t you know we’ve been trained to expect hyped mediocrity and failure as standard operating procedure? You really expect me to believe that your meaningful open-world PvP objectives and your hinting at moving away from a two faction system are actually going to happen. Ha I say! Ha! Just because you’ve been able to pull off all of these other amazing technical and artistic achievements in record breaking time doesn’t mean anything!

Oh, shit… what is this now?

“If you’ve ever had an active RIFT Subscription you’ll be able to access all your characters (yes, even those above level 20!) for a FULL WEEK to take part in the celebration. Remind your friends and family so they don’t miss this limited opportunity to experience everything new in RIFT!

Please Note: At the end of this return period any characters above level 20 will no longer be accessible without an active subscription. With RIFT Lite your level 20 or under characters are always available to play!”

Now you’re just trolling. You KNOW people are clamoring for some free to play action, you dirty tease! I suppose you expect they’ll find an obscene amount of value in this game and get off their F2P’ing asses with 15$ a month eh?

“MONTHLY $14.99 /month
3-MONTH $12.99 /month
6-MONTH $10.99 /month
ANNUAL $9.99 /month”

Oh, right. I forgot about those minor details, it’s only 15$ a month if you’re doing the one-month-at-a-time plan. Well hey, some of us are still bitter about being burned on giving up our credit card information. Yeah! So take that! It’s not like we can walk over to our local GameStop and…


Oh. Right.

Well that, uh… It doesn’t. Shit. I don’t know where I was going with this. Oh yeah, It’s been a year. I guess that means I’ll be resubbing for another one. Fuck, why not? The world is ending in December anyway, or something.

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