Deep Looks: The Inquisitor

Many moons ago, back when Grim was a more productive blogger and slightly more sane member of a workforce that didn’t make him /facepalm on a daily basis there was a series of posts called Deep Looks. If by series you mean a half baked pair of posts looking at two Cleric souls anyway. I had this idea that I would break down the classes in end game and highlight what was great about them. Turns out, there’s a lot of healing going on and I can’t be bothered with all of that nonsense really. I like to punch things in the face, or so I thought. You see, if you really want to rock out with your DPS cock out as a Cleric, your really only have one choice. No one expects the inquisition.

See that dude in the middle? He’s your classic long range DPS packed to the gills with a variety of nukes, AoE’s and CC that will make the girlies all swoon and the panties hit the floor. Well, at least he would if our damn calling had decent scaling into HK gear. You might notice a theme with me since I’ve picked yet again, the gimp class in an MMO. Let’s just dive right into it shall we? Synergy!

Bolt of Judgement – A lovely nuke that has excellent synergy with the following:

Your rotation is simple. Sanction Heretic every time it comes up, in the meantime spam BoJ. When BoJ procs, pop Fanaticism and instacast that bolt at maximum damage. Also, keep Vex ticking away, it doesn’t seem like much but that 15s duration adds up to 100dps in prolonged fights. Some of you (Who am I kidding, -icar is all you’re really going to pair this soul with) might be tempted to use other instant cast bolts that become available to you, but I learned the hard way. Those other bolts like Bolt of Radiance or Life’s Vengeance aren’t worth the cooldown. For max efficiency you need the synergy proccing BoD and SH. Don’t be fooled! I keep my instant cast Life abilities (for building -icar Convictions) on a separate macro to spam as needed.

For AoE, I would go into a really big explanation on all the little nuances but there aren’t any. Start off with Soul Drain, then spam Circle of Oblivion until you’re out of mana. Chances are the cooldown on Soul Drain won’t be up before everything is dead, and even if it is, they’ll probably be dead before a second CoO has finished casting anyway. Prolonged fights, sure, fire up that Soul Drain a second time, just saying it’s not going to be that much of a DPS boost over keeping a constant channel AoE going. Not to mention, there’s a handful of fights where you probably don’t want to be in melee range anyway. CoO is a 30m ability and I use it to it’s fullest range most of the time which means skipping on Soul Drain anyway.

So there you have it, the Inquisitor in a nutshell. Oh, wait, crowd control? You’re worried that mobs and/or players might get close to you? Fine. I’ll give you some of the things that can be done.

Got an errant mob that’s closing in on you? Excommunicate that little bastard back to your tank.
Someone trying to get away from you? Nysyr’s Rebuke will hold them in place for a few seconds, afterwards be sure to further Impede them.
Feeling claustrophobic? Too many mobs closing in? Beg for Divine Pardon, failing that, instill them with Trepidation.
Occasionally you’ll get that annoying mob in the back ignoring threat tables. Bewilder him and carry on. Yes, this is spammable.
Tired of predictable CC hitting when you don’t want it to? A little Perseverance and Determination goes a long way.
Mage Armor? Glacial Shield? Reflecting Torrent? No problem! Purge those annoying buffs right off your enemies.

Lemme just get right down to it. If you’re not running an Inquisitor spec at least part time as a DPS Cleric, you’re missing the boat. This class at 51 points has a little bit of everything. Almost too much at times. Pair it with whatever you want, I enjoy my 51 Inq 15 Justicar for every day activities and some excessively powerful raid healing to boot. Maybe one day they’ll fix how retarded Doctrine of Loyalty is… until then. Well, this is what we get to play with.

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