Darkening Deeps Expert Run

Last night after the quite successful GSB run with the guild (cleared the first two bosses in a reasonable amount of time) we had a solid run with some of the guys in DD. Only a couple minutes off from the Rapid Assault which we could definitely get if we were more confident about running to the bottom of the starting room while enduring a hail of fireballs and the like. Most dungeons the trick is to avoid any unnecessary pulls and one-shot all the bosses, but I really think for DD you have to run that gauntlet which does add a bit to the challenge.We might have to give it a shot with two tanks just to keep all the trash pulled, two DPS, and a pretty monstrous healer. It’s a possibility. Alternatively, I suppose if we didn’t wait for potty breaks it could have shaved off that couple of minutes, but meh. If we do end up getting the Rapid Assault achievement I’ll be sure to throw up a link to that video.

This run however, close as it may have been, didn’t have much in the way of achievements of any renown. It was a good run, I don’t think we died as a group at all, although some individual deaths occurred. There’s a point where we started talking about books I think. You might want to skip up past the where we clear tie Wildmages at the top of the spiral, it’d dead silent until then. We talk about a couple things that I was ill-informed about with the upcoming 1.4 patch. We were all pretty tired, and pleasantly surprised that everything turned out as well as it did. I guess that tends to happen running T2’s with a bunch of T3 geared dudes.


Watch live streaming video from wargrimnir at livestream.com

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