Rift Expert Dungeon Streaming

A couple weeks ago now I started to do some livestreaming of dungeon runs back when I started up Guardian characters on Byriel with the Iniquity guild. Well, I’m pleased that my crew of guys have all finally reached L50 and are reasonably geared out. That means I’m going to start running more of the Expert Dungeons and we’ll probably be going for a couple of achievements at the same time. As usual, the chatter will be on Skype and mostly unfiltered, hell sometimes I don’t even let my guildies know they’re being recorded. Be prepared for foul language and conversation!

Mostly I don’t want this blog going to waste. Sometimes I lose focus or get pulled into the day to day items that keep me from pushing these projects forward. Twitter and G+ are certainly distracting, but they don’t keep me from playing games in the slightest. I do have quite a stable of these videos on my Livestream page if anyone is interested, but I’ll be linking the better ones. I’m sure no one wants to watch a group wipe a dozen times on each boss because we’re all either too drunk or tired to do it right.

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