Volkfang Rock

I think we need to open up some lines of communication with Mythic and get the server name changed. Not only does it reflect the recently merged communities, but it sounds a HELL of a lot cooler than Gorfang. Not that Gorfang isn’t cool or anything, just sayin’.

So we’re down to two major servers in WAR. I’ve been tracking some of the population at random times and I think the lowest I’ve seen at R40 was 150 in the past couple of days , particularly on Sunday morning EST. A year ago, I don’t think the servers would have been able to handle that many people without catching on fire and injuring many many hampsters in the process. Technologies have come a fairly long way to support the populations, even if they have dwindled, on two servers. As for the Realm switching timer being 8 hours, I’m not sure it’s really going to matter. Being the rule of the zerg in RvR as I’ve ALWAYS seen it, a dozen players one way or another probably isn’t going to change the flow of things too significantly when you’ve got over ten times that amount futzing about on one realm alone. 

A nice BIG BIG upside for players like myself is the hot and frequent scenario action, even if the Scenario Matchmaking seems determined to pound you in the ass 50% of the time. Truly, that’s what I’ve experienced. No solid, evenly balanced matches, but a solid ass pounding one way or the other. Sure, it’s “balanced” in the long run, unless you get on a shitty losing streak. It reminds me a little bit of how Global Agenda does their matchmaking. GA is pretty straightforward in that it will stack the deck against you if you’re winning too often. Warhammer supposedly is using a rating system depending on your performance in scenario, but it’s transparent so the end user will never know.

Anyway, I don’t find that to be a real big problem. With CheckRR, even in the worst spawn camping scenarios I’m still managing to find the weak link, call him out, and get us a few scraps of renown. It just boggles the mind how many times I’ll find my team showing up as <65 or 65-74 fighting a 6-10 80+ and a token rr65ish player tossed on their side sporadically. Gear however, is a serious problem, and it’s one that I hope the team at Mythic is intent on sorting out. From my observations made in the past, or on my Posterous account, everything from Sov and upwards should be shuttled off to it’s own Tier of gear. Maybe you haven’t seen it! 

It’s pretty damn clear that everything after Warlord is a massive jump in stats. Fix it. Kay?

Oh, one more thing for you voyuers out there, I’ve been livestreaming a bunch of my stuff right here on the website. There’s a link up at the top of the page (I’ll let you figure out which one it is) that will take you to the new page. If you don’t follow me on twitter for whatever reason, then you can check there to see if it’s live. I’m not bothering with recording stuff for posterity though. There’s a chat function you can sign in through twitter with (no it doesn’t spam your account), and most of the time I get all excited that someone is watching so I start playing like ass. Or doing Auctionhouse stuff. Or cultivating… Or playing something else. I’m planning on using for pretty much anything that I’m playing, not just WAR. Just because I can.

Volkfang Rock. Seriously. It’s an awesome name.

4 thoughts on “Volkfang Rock

  1. You should post the graph on the official forums. It seems to me though that you’re including the ranged power sov/doom/warp procs as set stats, which is a little misleading.


  2. Because those procs aren’t firing off constantly? I don’t think it’s misleading at all, that’s the effective stat level. What’s misleading really is that DF/WF aren’t full sets. Wanna add in the missing pieces with RR88 gear for DF and RR97 gear for WF? We could watch those stats go straight to the moon. If I found the pieces at the time, I would have gone with a 7pc layout with DF/WF.


  3. The stats for doomflayer def seem low, when sumed up, in comparision to the sovereign def and warpforged def. Warlord 619 Sovereign 928 Sovereign Def 758 Doomflayer 1100 Doomflayer Def 782 Warpforged 1420 Warpforged Def 992 It seems like not all stats are weighted equal. So wounds and toughness have a higher value in comparision to ballistic skill, which is why the summed total for warpforged and warpforged def are not equal.


  4. I like it! Those stats are nuts. People talked about that gap on the forums even before these sets were released. Now in practice we can see how much of a discrepency there is.


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