Double Tap

In what will probably be my only post while on vacation… hehe

Brought to you from the lovely country of Spain, Maledor has just opened his doors to the public and asked if I would add him to my blog roll. Ha! Surely you jest good sir! I much prefer to pimp the new blogs and slather my unconditional love for all things WAR bloggish across them. Pop on over and make this fine gentleman feel welcome to the WAR blogging community!

Next up, a more relatively established blogger by the name of Vizo from Iron Rock running The Price of Wargh. He’s not new by any means, but I don’t recall ever giving him some fair pimpage. It’s called a Double Tap people! Also, he’s a fellow Iron Rocker, so that kind of suffering deserves some recognition. Take a few minutes to check him out as well.

In other news, this vacation is going swimmingly! Literally on that manner. I believe we’re going out snorkeling at some reef today just off Key Marathon. The winds have died down to a slight breeze and the sun has kicked up a few notches to a delightful 88 degrees. The water is warm and the bugs have been light as of late. Heh, alright. At this point I’m just trying to garner some jealousy from ya. I’ll be back to the grind next Monday so I’m really just living it up. =)


3 thoughts on “Double Tap

  1. Hope you are having fun down there. A very good friend of mind, his wife, and some other friends are walking the streets of Key West as I type. His sending text messages with photo attachments have been….should I say…..”interesting”!


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