E3 Day Arrives

It’s going to be a long week for gamers, industry people, and bloggers alike as E3 is set to open the floodgates in just a few short hours now. I’ve been getting ready and I’m giving you guys a cheat sheet list of links to keep your fingers on the pulse. There’s so much good stuff on the table, you’re not going to want to miss out.

http://e3.gamespot.com/games.html List of all the games at E3
http://g4tv.com/e32010/ G4’s coverage that I’ll probably skip over
http://www.e3coverage.com/ Gametactics.com dedicated E3 site
http://www.1up.com/e3/ Coverage via 1up, and probably my preferred site
http://www.youtube.com/user/E3 IGN’s youtube channel if you prefer getting subscription updates
http://google.com/trends?q=e3 Google Trends showing how hard E3 is about to spike your media coverage

There’s a lot more crap than that to follow as well, but if you’re like any sane human being just trying to keep up with one source will be enough to cause a mild brain hemorrhage. Good luck with that!

2 thoughts on “E3 Day Arrives

  1. It’s not likely since Mythic isn’t on any of the official E3 stuff, I suppose they could do something but yeah. Don’t hold your breath for it.


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