Double Tap

So there’s this shaman once upon a time that really dug WAR, and I mean like REALLY dug it. He even got a fancy green name and tested things for Mythic. Well, a while back he fell off the bandwagon, and I don’t mean like he started up on the sauce or anything, he’s probably still doing that. I mean like he started playing something else. I know right? Like who does that, seriously? Anyways, the point is that he’s back now and running with some Old Folks on Iron Rock. He’s even got one of these blog things that I like so much, so here ya go. Click his banner and go on over to get a feel for his vibe.

Now here’s an entirely different case and point. This young greenblood, or greenhorn, or whatever the hell something-green that damn expression is. He’s new to the game, and he’s gonna give this whole blogging mess a shot as well. Now I don’t usually go out on a limb for blogs that are at a single post, but it turns out the other one that I was looking at isn’t really a WAR blogger anyway. These are my favorite. You just got lucky. Well, as lucky as you can consider a spot here anyway. I’m not really sure how lucky that is.

Also, I’ve added the two of you to the blogroll on the right!


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