To Siege or… uh, to Siege I guess.

Seriously… there’s WAY too much city sieging going on.

Playing on both Iron Rock with my Destro toons, and Badlands with my Order toons during primetime is a struggle to avoid the city. Last night was particularly bad. Both servers had sieges going at the same time overlapping by about an hour. How the hell am I supposed to do scenarios if I can expect a prime time siege (a couple times) every single night? That’s not the extent of it either. I usually get online at the beginning of east coast prime time and play until the end of west coast prime time. Hell, I’d love to do some city scenarios if they weren’t crap. Where’s my Reikland Factory and Twisting Tower already?

Please Mythic, even if you don’t associate my proposed offensive and defense buffs for the city siegers, including 2 scenarios while the city is being attacked would be a hell of a lot more fun than having to roll toons on multiple servers. Too many people running sc’s instead of defending against the empty instance our enemies refused to join? Only let one of each scenario run at a time! I’m not sure how your SC backend works, but if it tosses everyone into a queue, as one would assume, things should roll along smoothly enough. Right? It’d work nicely with the solo-queuing by RR rank, and premade v premade group queuing. Hell, at that point you could run 2 of each scenarios at a time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being able to get in on a phat load of renown pretty much at will by defending or attacking a city, it’s just more often than not, as these city sieges become more frequent, I find myself in a city devoid of opposition where the most interesting action I get is running between two flags. What the bloody hell is that? It’s a fair step better than only having two objectives I suppose, but if no one comes to play, what’s the point? You want an all out bloody war in the streets of your capital cities? Add an unbalanced feature, just like you do for scenarios, that closes down the instance if you have a significant discrepancy between attackers and defenders. Well what if one of the forces is sickeningly dominant over the other? Spawn more overlords! Or just lords, or hell, a group of champs might be enough. Let them rally near our spawn for a minute or so, then charge into the nearest BFO with, hopefully, the rest of the forces needing assistance.

Here’s another thought to spice up the city siege mechanics a little bit, why not have some sort of bombing run? The attackers have to drag along a giant bomb from their spawn point to a point of attraction on the map. There’s banks, and auctioneers, taverns, libraries, temples, all kinds of things that we could blow up. It’d need to be a big bomb though, so snare the bomb runner and make his teammates watch over his ass. If you manage to get a bomb inside your target, it gets a 30s timer before killing everyone nearby (ala Khaine’s Embrace), and add a handful of VP’s or points to the PQ flip. I would also limit the targets to only be explodable one time per city instance, as opposed to PQ flips, and only one giant bomb per run with a 2m respawn timer if they runners get killed in the process. Heh, as an added bonus, if the bomb runner is killed, it hits the ground with a 30s defuse timer. Once the time runs down, another big kaboom to wipe out you foolish bastards playing with bombs in a city siege.

See how this works now? Use it to get points to flip the PQ, or use it to clear out a massive hoarde camping at a BO. Fun innit?

Now we’re using more of the scenario mechanics that we all love. A little Howling Gorge combined with Khaine’s Embrace and Stonetroll Crossing. C’mon guys! Let’s up the ante a little bit here!

One thought on “To Siege or… uh, to Siege I guess.

  1. Why not give it a DAOC twist. Instead of killing the King let us take him prisoner, and walk him all the way back to our city like a relic raid, or make it a relic we steal from the city, and hang up in our city.


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