I’ve set my Phaser to kill…(Free STO beta key)

With my Curse.com premium gansta homie account, I got a free beta key for STO.

You can all fight over it in the comments section.

That is all. Grimnir out.

Oh yeah, and all the info you’ll need to accompany your brand new starship whatever-the-hell-you-name-it.

10 thoughts on “I’ve set my Phaser to kill…(Free STO beta key)

  1. First one to comment doesn’t win the key. I’ll be using a random number generator based on the number of people commenting to randomly assign it. Make sure you use a legitimate email, or I’ll send you a pair of Tribbles instead.


  2. @Brian : I’m considering that an entry, but a bit confused how you’ll burn some digital media. Maybe stick it on a USB drive, drag a microwave in the backyard and nuke it?@Monkeyfish : Ah, should I consider you for an entry? I’m not remotely interested in the Star Trek universe. I just grabbed the key to make use of my Curse sub, and of course give it out to people that might want it.I’ll be wrapping up on Monday afternoon (4pm EST-ish) so as not to hold onto my key for too long. I believe it ends Jan 26th so you’ll have a solid week with it.


  3. Maybe I will print out a copy of the game box, enlarge it, and burn it. I don’t really want to win the contest so give it to someone who will use it. I think I will still make a mock Youtube video of it though. It could be like a book burning like in the old days.


  4. I’m so excited for this game!! Hopefully I’ll win. BTW I don’t think it’s fair for someone who doesn’t like the game to win a beta key.I will be a Vulcan.


  5. Ah well, was hoping for more entries. Hehe, I guess that says something about STO or jsut betas in general.Grats to Captain DeP! Check your email!


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