Squiggy Ramblings

Ah, Sqwittle Mcsquee. This was my first WAR toon from 4 servers and 3 guilds ago, back in the days of the Chaos Wastes RvR/RP server and the Dogs of War guild. Changes over the past year have altered this class quite a bit, but it’s still the same idea. Run around and shoot everything that moves while your squig harasses anything that bleeds. Well I’ve gotten him to R40 on Iron Rock and have made a habit of blasting away with a giant green arrow of doom. Why doesn’t anyone use Shoot Thru Ya? I’ve identified some of the main issues, but for the most part I’ve overlooked them as the damage still scales well regardless.

If you’re confused as to why I’m talking about Destro, please refer to item number one in my Keg End Resolutions.

So my little Squig Herder was abandoned at the paltry rank of 31 with some pretty decent gear acquired from PQ’s, but utterly useless for the current age. Also, pretty much destitute in the ways of cash and no guild associations I went to the one place I could get some phat lewt for the pawning. Land of the Dead. Two quick levels and I was decked out in Fallen Explorer gear, one lucky drop of a shaman healcrit Sandstorm staff netted 3500g, then bam. Back in business. A few guildies from way back got together and we had a decent team, bought up a bunch of blues and purples, Ruggog’s Shoota for myself was a very nice find, then off to make with the killin’.

Right, so we got smoked pretty bad in scenarios. Order farming the king on a bi-daily basis probably didn’t help with the gear discrepancy. Still had some good times, and moved from RR22 to RR28 over two days. I should mention something for the Witch Hunters in the crowd, do NOT use Sudden Accusation when you’re fighting a goblin. All it does is proc our RUNAWAY! over and over and over again, which btw is a hilarious way to kill multiple RR60+ WH’s in a row (thanks for the RR29-30, lolz). Some thing for IB’s and Binding Grudge, it just doesn’t work to drop a movement barb on us. I’ll suck up that 800 damage with half a pot, and kite your silly ass all over the place while my Spiked Squig (with his +620 odd BAL) tears you apart from behind. Wanna kill a squiggy? Forget the dots, hit em with big single target abilites, and snare them before you get rooted/snared/punted.

Angry little buggers they are.

Needless to say, aside from the rampant Order dominance on Iron Rock, I’m having a great time playing the SH. It’s a good amount different than my Engineer, Shadow Warrior, or White Lion which all share similar traits. This is one of the beautiful things about WAR in my opinion. Mirror classes really don’t exist, the way you play an Engi is going to be significantly different from how you play a Magus. A Chosen is not the same as a Knight. The SH, SW, WL, Mara share similar styles, but each is it’s own beastly force to be dealt with (Melee SW’s need to dual wield, kthnx!). My goal of two destro toons to RR36 is nearly halfway through, and I think the next toon to level up will likely be my Chosen. I hear their defensive spec is some kind of insane to deal with.

I’d also like to apologize to all my Order buddies that I’m missing out on time with. The Knights of Order are still running strong on Badlands from what I hear, and I miss my Engi/Slayer/AM/SW/WP r40’s quite a bit. I’ll be back for sure, hopefully with a bit more insight into our Destro adversaries.


One thought on “Squiggy Ramblings

  1. Great post! Makes me want to dust of my level 17 herder. I also hope you are right about the mirror classes as I plan to make some order toons on Karak-Norn.


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