Blogroll Update for the New Year (of death and murder)

Right then! So first off we have at least two new additions to the sidebar of Warhammery goodness, and one returning blog/guildsite.

First off, much props goes to @MykielWAR and his recent endeavor of not only a weekly video podcast, but a FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM!? Man I wish I had the free time, alcohol, knowledge and patience to do something like that. O.o

Check out the P-O-D-C-A-S-T here!

Next on the chopping block is a blog that I’m pretty sure I had mentioned before, pretty sure I had added to not only my RSS reader AND Blogroll here, but it keeps sneaking off into the shadows (obviously trying to kill me). Blog the Witch! is, as one might imagine, focused on those scantily clad death-skanks of WAR we refer to as Witch Elves, or “AGHH!! RUN! Witc- Kthttg*gurgle*gghkhk..”. Taransula is one of the nastiest around. High into the RR70 range, there’s a ton of insight and gameplay aspects to the blog. Along with the galleries of mostly not-clothed… dark elves… hnmm… 




Fight on the Flag is back to WAR! Okay, well they have been since late November to be honest. I really have no idea why I didn’t have them on the blogroll. Ya’ll are still on my RSS reader, sooo… yeah. Sorry bout that Perle! Here you can keep up with just another random taste of Warhammer goodness. Because really, who doesn’t love random Warhammer goodness? Shaddup and check em’ out!

So that’ll do me for that little update. Does anyone have any other WAR-related website and/or blog type links you wanna share? I’d love to hear what else is out there hiding in the cracks of the internets.


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