WAR Dev Diary on Combating Hackers


Aw giggity.

Ok, really there isn’t a whole lot of information given here, I can sum up in bullet points.

  1. We acknowledge that people hack our game.
  2. We acknowledge a third-party program that is used to hack our game.
  3. We infiltrate groups known for hacking our game to discover these hacks and destroy them.
  4. We collect a ton of data to make sure that only legitimate hackers are punished.
  5. We have been doing this all along.

There ya go. If ever you’ve been on the concerned that Mythic isn’t watching these WAR buddies, relax. They’re on the ball.

3 thoughts on “WAR Dev Diary on Combating Hackers

  1. I am pretty sure I know why players hack, but I just imagine the game being fun anymore. I think cheating takes the challenge out of the game.Unless of course that game is single player and all you want to do is get through and beat it cause it sucks.


  2. I am lucky in that most servers that I have been in really don't have any hacking problem.I just wish someday we see the efforts of these unsung heroes who combat crackers.Maybe someone can write a series on that…


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