100 posts! 5 of my favorites!

Yeah baby! That’s right! This is my 100th post here at Grimnir’s Grudge, with 218 comments, and just about 65,000 views. I’m feelin’ pretty good right about now. To celebrate I figured I would run back through the archives (clean things up a little bit), and pull out my personal top 5 posts. These are ones that I went through a period of enlightenment to quickly scribble down before the monotony of life stole my thunder. Some of it suprises me still, but hey! These are the kind of posts that I strive for!

Much Ado About City Sieges

The Grudge #10

Arise RvR… Arise!

Fortresses, What Now?

An Acquired Taste

Thanks a lot to everyone who has been reading all along, commenting on a regular basis, and just being a fan to keep me pumping this stuff out. I’m not planning on going anywhere, and by the looks of it, WAR is here to stay for a while at least.


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