Vaca status – Sloshed Manatee Lover

Spent most of the first day drinking. Then we hopped on a boat and went to a bar to drink some more. The bar was uneventful until we saw a manatee swimming around the docks. Following the manatee taking pictures the whole way for about 10 minutes, someone decided to spray them with a hose. They like fresh water ya see? Turns out there were 4 of them, a small family, and an army considering their endangered wildlife status. They got so close to the docks that I had the chance to kneel down and proceed to pet the slimy sea cows.

This is not a feat most can speak of accomplishing. I need a ToK unlock and a title for "Sloshed Manatee Lover". Of course, they were far more interested in getting their drink on than me rubbing their heads. That's cool though, it was a frickin manatee! They're rare enough to spot in the wild, let alone reach out and grope one casually. Prickly whiskers though, I'll tell ya that much.

This vacation is going swimmingly thus far. =D

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