Cleaning up my ‘rolls.

*I did it again. Finished this entire post, and managed to kill it… ah well. At least it wasn’t too long.

So it’s been over a month since I touched my blogroll, and much to my dismay, the amount of WAR blogs is inevitably shrinking, while the general MMO blogs continue growing. It’s an interesting trend really, so many bloggers started with WAR (myself included), but only a handful have truly converted into a single-game format that isn’t WAR. The only issue that I have is finding WAR relevant stuff amidst all the other stuff in my gReader. It’s not too bad though, ya’ll keep me informed on the broader world of gaming. Good luck stealing my attention though. I’ve had a couple posts, 2 in particular, that strayed from the WAR format. The beta for League of Legends, and DDO. Neither made me really want to talk about them more than a brief paragraph or two. I really am so absorbed into the game, nothing else really makes me look off to the side and go “Yeah, that looks really good. I should do that.”

Anyway, without further ado, we have a handful of WAR gone General MMO, and a handful of WAR-deaths. Also, a few gems that I’ve stolen from other blogrolls on the interwebz. Always good to find new people to add to the list.

Ardy and his Echoing Nonsense probably hit the General MMO scene last time I did an update. I blame denial. He’s definitely there now.
JOMU has been doing great reviews for all kinds of games lately. GenMMO worthy.
ShadowWAR might be waiting a while for them elves to get more beastly bows, so he’s wandered off into the GenMMO pastures.
Werit has had a smorgasboard of Fallen Earth along with a handful of other games. Great FE stuff, probably the best on the web.

Some new guys (new to me anyway) are added to the WAR Blogroll.
Skurm rides back to the battlefields of WAR! Quite enthusiastically as well.
Zizlak is still blogging about WAR. Not sure why I don’t have him already, I know I’ve read his stuff before.
Portraits of WAR artist Manuel Masones has a love for the Dwarves of WAR that some may find… creepy. Wanna tug my beard?
Lagolas (and his MMORPG world) has been rocking the WAR battlefields for quite a while now! How’d I miss that? No idea…

Lastly, a chunk of blogs that have simply ceased their WAR ties as far as I can tell. Some from inactivity, some leaving for the Aion-grind. I’ll still have them on my own gReader, but just to keep tabs in case they come back the the Waaagh. Basically, if it’s not a general MMO blog, and it’s not a WAR blog, I’m just not interested.

So there it is, quite a bit of movement! If I mis-classified you or you feel I’ve been unjust in my determinations, leave a comment (or send an email for discretion). I’m a pretty reasonable guy provided I haven’t been FF’ed by Sorcs in the past few minutes.

9 thoughts on “Cleaning up my ‘rolls.

  1. Not going anywhere. No worries. It'll be a long time before WAR dies I'd imagine. Someone's gotta be here to chronicle it all.Besides, we're gonna have a 3rd faction with the next paid expansion. It might not be til 2010-ish, but them's the breaks.Well, actually, I am going on vacation to Florida at the end of the month. Love me some hurricane season for cheap plane tickets. I've been in 2 hurricanes down there now. Tons of fun!


  2. Thanks for the link love. Yes, I've gone into a more general MMO conversation, but I still love WAR, and with a month or so off, I've really been feeling the itch to get back in and bust heads. Maybe after this month I'll re-up. I crave combat and bloody satisfaction!


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