Well this is cool. gChrome Themes.

So if you're not familiar with Google Chrome, it's probably the fastest browser on the market. I use it 90% of the time with the standard IE taking up some of my work applications, and Firefox getting a smaller and smaller amount of use. A year ago, I was a Firefox junkie. I had extensions for my extensions, and themes for my themes. When Chrome came out I gave it a try and my jaw hit the floor with how fast it was. It was a painful process separating myself from Firefox as it did so many cool little things, and there were tons of developed extensions to use and abuse. At the end of the day however, speed wins all races for me. Firefox was like my garage for all the tools, but Chrome was the sports car.

Well, anyway, Chrome has been working on getting some of these tools and themes into the browser, but in a way that it doesn't give up any performance. Today (or maybe a couple days ago) I noticed my new tab page was peeled up in the corner. Google has a way of getting your attention without really asking for it. Click-click down there, and what do I find? Themes! Dozens of em! Some pretty nice ones too! It's only a matter of time, but they're also working on getting their extensions built into the browser as well. It's not quite done yet, but for those of you who just couldn't switch due to the lack of Firefox-esque toolbox functionality, it's coming. Oh, and it's still really damn fast.

…yeah, it's not a WAR post, but I'm still a little irked about the last massive post that disappeared in a keystroke. I'll get back to that tonight most likely.

2 thoughts on “Well this is cool. gChrome Themes.

  1. chrome browser, chrome os, and wave; google is one of the only companies making the web interesting lately =)I prefer firefox for now, but as a web developer, I am cheering on chrome, as with google's backing they can hopefully take a larger chunk of browser share away from IE; having to spend hours and hours debugging css and js in IE because Microsoft chooses not to follow web standards (in many cases) and their browser is loaded with bugs (for the rest of the cases), when everything "just works" in every other browser, is just beyond frustrating…


  2. I actually use a lot of the Google products on a daily basis. Some of them are more useful than others for sure, but they all have a place for me. iGoogle is great for the dashboard to store my RSS feeds, Google Reader for more in-depth stuff, gDocs for my multi-platforming shareable work, gBlogs needs some love but you can occasionally pull up a gem. gMaps, Youtube, Image Search, gSketchup, Picasa, so much stuff I rarely need to go anywhere else.I might just be a google shill, except I'm not fond of Blogger. MMOfansites is just better.


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