Warhammer Alliance Podcast #18

 It’s a Podcast Icon. Yup.

In my email a few days ago I got a message from WHA about making an appearance on the upcoming podcast. There’s a Pre-Podcast thread where people are encouraged to let their lips waggle and produce odd noises that we may or may not respond to during said podcast.

Unfortunately, you also have to suffer my voice. Hehe…

Now, we had planned on doing the recording on Sunday, but things got postponed. I’d image we’re gonna retry this weekend. This gives ya’ll plenty of time to do that lip waggling thing, via your fingers (which is an odd concept), and produce some filler. There’s an agenda in place that I’ll probably be pretty long-winded on. My guildmates can attest to my talky-ness. I guess that’s something people look for in a guild leader. Ramble-osity is through the roof and off the charts.

If ye have anything you’d like me to bring up I’m starting a list. But go post on their site as well. It’s one of the threads that I’ll start poking at.

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