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Mr. Chan, your activity on the forums and communication with the general playerbase (though I know you guys love your Core testers) is the model that all departments should take up when tweaking and overhauling the game. The feedback and responses on your Dev Diary give the crafters following it solid facts, hope, and reasons to look forward to the 1.3.2 changes. You’ve been straightforward and honest about your capabilities and limitations. You’ve even gone so far as to take suggestions relegated directly from the community, and begun working on implementations. Your most recent post (at this time) about the “Dark” dyes being added into crafting are what actually prompted me to do a little feature spot on this blog. 

Crafting, ultimately not the most important part of the game, or most critical, but still a part of it. Granted, there’s plenty of other places that resources could really be used (C&C, RvR, Instances, City Sieges,etc..), but still the crafting is a part of the game where resources are dedicated. Don’t be upset that there’s work being done. It’s good work, and would happen in any game regardless of how the other aspects are faring. PChan doesn’t work on these other things, so having him work on what he’s assigned to is not hindering development of these other aspects. The flames coming up that everything else is so much more important, although true, are not relevant to the continued work being done here.

Butchering is getting the big fat overhaul in 1.3.2, along with some dye options. Let’s go over what we know so far… PChan’s comments in Orange

“Here are the new hybrids that will hit the 1.3.2 PTS:


Liniment of the Inexorable Aegis (CR/ER/SR)

Liniment of Quickened Blades (Weapon Skill/ARPenResist)

Liniment of Boundless Sight (Initiative/Wounds)

Liniment of Peerless Defense (Toughness/Crit-Def)

Liniment of Immutable Defiance (HP Regen/Damage Resist)

Liniment of Swift Tergiversation (Weapon Skill/Crit-Def)”

Also, Butchering will now produce Dyes similar to the Cultivating, contrary to the initial post on the proposed dye colors (which were the same as merchant dyes), PChan gave us this at the end of page 2.

“Also, due in no small part to the urgings of our Core Testers and the crafting community, we will be replacing our previous (and apparently uninspired) selection of Butchering dyes to a selection of slightly more exotic colors. Most of them start with “dark”, but to keep it fun, I won’t announce them just yet.”

AdamG even jumped in here with his comments on Dyes as well.

“Dyes are one of those things we will definately be expanding / improving in the future. However first we need to fix a number of bugs with existing art assets that cause dye colors to be represented inaccurately (Red’s showing up as pink on some armors for example).


Once we can more reliably ensure that the dye color will apply properly to most armors, then we will go back and revisit and expand on our current Dye selection.


Every patch we fix a few textures, and we’re getting close to having enough of them tweaked and patched into the game that we’ll be able to investigate more dye soon.




Adam Gershowitz

Producer – Character Systems

Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning”

Plenty of questions have been asked in this thread, and PChan has done a great job of answering them.

Culland wrote: 

One of my biggest complaints with Butchering has always been I go find the highest level mob to farm 200 ingrediants, I then proceed to get mostly 150’s, some 175’s and then the odd 200.


Is this changing, can I now go hunt for level 200 ingredients and actually get more of them then the lower versions?

“When we renovated the backend, one of the things we changed was the way loot was distributed. From 1.3.2 onward, drops have been split evenly into overlapping steps of 25 skill level. IE, 1-25, 25-50,50-75, etc.

So to answer your question directly- you will get more 200 ingredients, continue to get 175s, and no longer see any 150s.”

Which make me think… PChan, is there going to be a +10stabilizer +1multiplier ingredient for butchering incoming? Or are they going to have something comparable like perhaps a +10stabilizer +5%special?

“The multiplying property was an exception initiative to give goldweed an advantage over resins- I will admit that I had not considered this for Butchering. I’ll look into whether or not this is a possibility.”


Inexorable Aegis: What is CR/ER/SR?

What is damage resist?

“Corporeal Resist/Elemental Resist/Spirit Resist

I have no idea why I wrote damage resist when I meant Reduced Incoming Critical Damage.”


I’ve got a question about crafting skill leveling. Can you make it less random? <_<

“At this time, I have no plans to change the leveling mechanic, sorry.”


Will we ever be able to multi-gathering-skill train? …[massive text block]

“It’s possible that you may see multi-gathering-skill training in the future. IF it were implemented, it would likely come as a component of a larger overall change, but that’s not something I can promise at the current time.”


Perhaps a chance to get magical essence from butchering.. from appropriate mobs.   It would still be less self sufficient but at least would give more availability of the ingredients and at the same time make a almost worthless craft ( butchering ) more useful.


“There are currently no plans to allow cross-pollination of non-allied trade skills.”

solidzaku wrote:

I just had a bad feeling that you’re going to do to HV/AP what’s going on right now to TM/MS in the name of ‘crafting balancing’.


“In many ways, I wish that Talisman Making and Apothecary were a little more universal where such changes that could be considered “crafting balancing” would be more practical. However, given the wide disparity in characteristics between the two, I would not indulge in such “bad feelings”. If there are nerfs to be made, they would likely be made to gain balance between allied gathering skills.”


Kargubin wrote:

Where do the endgame butchers get most of their supply from?


“The multiple butcher addition is made to lessen the pain of RvR Butchers by allowing them to gain extra harvests from pets slain in player combat. Due to the very specific nature of Butchering (in that players must find and harvest certain types of monsters for certain ingredients), it would be impossible for me to totally eliminate the PvE harvesting element. As time goes on, however, I may adjust the allowable harvest number on pets and monsters in RvR areas to strive for that impossible RvR harvesting parity with Scavenging.”


ChaosDescending wrote:

On your first attempt, you do not level, so the second attempt, would the percentage chance to level still be 10%?

I think that it would be cool if each time you make a talisman and it does NOT level you up a tick, it ought to add a small extra percentage chance to level up on the next creation attempt.


“The skill leveling system is not cumulative, so the answer would be yes, the chance to level would still be 10%. 


Though I agree that a dynamic system like that would indeed be cool, it is not realistic at the current time to design and implement due to the immense engineering resource cost of ripping out the backbone of that system- engineering resources that could be used elsewhere.”

This is a live thread that plenty of players have commented on and gotten responses from. If you avoid the official beta forums like the plague, this is a great one to drop in on for direct Dev feedback, even if it is just crafting. Show PChan some love if what he’s laying down is making your day. I know that just the manner in which he’s taken the conversation is a comfort in my mind. I wish all the team leads could be so straightforward and accommodating as he has been. Good stuff is forthcoming, and if the changes being made are reflected this well in crafting, then I think we’ll be in for a real treat when 1.3.2 hits the PTS.

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