The Bloody Gates of Ekrund

Another weekend, another live event, and still no title.

It’s not like scenarios aren’t popping, I just think people no longer give a crap about the live events. As per usual, I stayed queued all weekend and got closer to finishing this time. 14/20 runs, but still 6 short of getting a damn title. I think the Temple of Isha is up next weekend…

Maybe it is an issue of carrots, or rewards, that get people to do the events. The Wild Hunt was much more successful, but they kinda went all out with carrots all over the damn place. There were crafting items for both Apoth and Talisman, there was a new Live Event Slot item that granted a couple stats. You had the cloak that turned you into a damn stag even. That’s not even mentioning the rare weapons you could get in the Vale as well. So where’s the damn carrots for the weekend events?

Yeah, one could argue that Nordenwatch didn’t need fancy carrots, and Titles got the job done just fine. Well, to be honest, I was quite tired of doing Nordenwatch after the first LE that came with it. I was SO DAMN excited to get different LE scenarios, only to be horribly disappointed. What the hell happened? It’s not a lack of people on my server, they were popping just fine, but single queue-ing for just the Gates would cause a 30m wait at best! The more I think about it, the more I imagine something is just set up different for these weekends than the Nordenwatch weekends. Somewhere in their scenario queuer code, Gates didn’t get any kind of upped priority. Neither did Mourkain.

Here’s to hoping I might get a title for next weekend…

4 thoughts on “The Bloody Gates of Ekrund

  1. I think you've hit it and I actually posted on the WAR forums about it. How about some scenario-specific special items … the Nordenwatch Telescope, the Key of Ekrund, the Mourkain Totem. They could be usable items or pocket items or whatever. How about some random drops that are only found in the scenario … special crafting items, weapons, whatever … something … anything.Such a saturation of scenario-based live events may have left players ho-hum and not as interested. Not for just a title, anyway.I'll admit I am a title junkie. The first weekend of these (Mourkain) I was able to do this on my WP first and complete it. Then with a lot of work was able to do so again with my BW. The scenario did pop quite a bit.Last weekend Mythic started the Gates event a day early on Thursday. I was able to run it 14 times that first night and then wrapped it up on Friday. Trying to do so again with my BW I only got 6 done that Friday and Saturday nights. I really didn't think I was going to complete it this time. The scenario did pop more on Sunday but I was up into the wee hours of the night to finally get it done. Scenarios were popping, just not the one for the event.I'd read that queueing from Altdorf can affect them. So I try to stay out in an active zone. I'm hoping for this final one they again start it early and hopefully they've tweaked some code so it will pop more.I agree with you … give us more carrots to run these. The titles are nice but why not give more. This is an example of where cross-server scenario queues would make sense. These special events don't affect the overall campaign. So running Lost Temple of Isha isn't going to help flip Eataine.Just some thoughts.


  2. Please tell me you had better luck with the Isha event so far.When I got home from work last night I was pleased to see the event started a day early like last week's. I basically logged in and played from 7 – 12 and was able to complete the whole event on my BW. I was pleasantly surprised to see the scenario popping rather quickly. There were a few times I got out of the scenario, hit the queue, and it popped again immediately.I'm not sure if it was a matter of folks simply queueing their brains out for it or did Mythic do something to help ensure it popped more. I'm thinking the former as the RvR campaign was stalled in the center zones all night long.Of note is the one task to run Isha's Will to the Temple … you have to do this yourself as you will not get credit for your party or team doing it. A good time to do this task is when you're getting thumped (which we did about half the time).Was a lot of fun and I'm really loving the 20% boost to renown. I am flying through renown ranks on these scenarios alone.Good luck if you take part!


  3. Maybe Mythic is watching my blog (like that should have been all along… hehe)Regardless, I wasn't getting queue for Isha's last night hitting the Join All button. Maybe you're getting special treatment on your server. I can only hope this weekend goes better. 🙂


  4. With these Scenario Live Events, I've been solo queueing and only selecting the special scenario. I don't bother trying to queue for all. My guildies pick on me because they know I am doing the event stuff. I just sit there solo queued for the special scenario waiting to here the bing when it pops. It was popping nicely last night.I'm on Iron Rock which is pretty robust population-wise. Maybe you should try queueing just for Isha's.


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