The Grudge #16 – Ray Muzyka – Fresh Blood

It’s always something on comic days isn’t it? I found out this bit of info and had to rant before whipping up a comic to further jab a thumb into the eye of all things current. Not to mention finding a video to scrape screenies from. I suppose it could have waited until Friday, but this has me REALLY excited. Even if nothing comes from it, and WAR goes on about it’s normal life, at least there’s a chance RIGHT NOW for big things to change. WAR is great as is, but there’s a lot of things that were either overlooked or deemed unnecessary that would make it BETTER. Through the midst of all the blogs and news sites I had to troll to find enough information to make this comic work, there’s still a metric ton of WAR haters out there. It still to this day surprises me how many WoW purists there are, and because of that no MMO is going to get the love it takes to survive.

There’s an alternative to this, and WAR is poised to make it happen. WoW is classically a PvE game, WAR is at heart and soul an RvR game. WoW makes feeble attempts to make PvP fun and awesome but ultimately fails. WAR makes feeble attempts to make PvE fun and awesome, but just doesn’t have the might to even show up against the current king. What to do? Simply put, take the elements of WoW that everyone pines for, and instead of directly copying them via the PvE route, do what you’re good at and convert them into RvR. Hasn’t Mythic noticed the pure joy players get from Live Events? We all rush out into RvR and pound the HELL out of each other for something as simple as a title. PvE be damned! What happened to Conflict PQ’s in T4? Bring back a couple of those, and have them bleed into RvR areas! WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DOES CRAFTING HAVE TO SUCK? See my previous post on that one. Base it off RvR for the awesome recipe’s and ingredients, then scale back what you can possibly get in PvE.

WAR has all the potential in the world to become an anti-WoW, heavily favoring killing players over trash mobs for fat loots. No one at the moment has a hope of taking the crown from WoW, but we can make a new one from the guts and bones to wear for ourselves. It’s already on the right track by rewarding players with some of the best loot in the game through RvR kills, zone flips, fort attacks (and defense) and city invasions. Land of the Dead, if it works correctly will be a great example of how new “Instance”-style zones should be done, and old ones should be converted to (Gunbad-Bastion-LostVale). This way we’re not trying to do the PvE game better, it’s just not possible. But we CAN do the RvR game better, and just as good as a mirror to WoW’s PvE game. Isn’t this the goal?

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