Should there even BE a title?

It crossed my mind today that there doesn’t seem to be a title for the little comic strip I’ve been working on. Lucky me, one of my guild members asked me what it was called and recieved a _BLANK_STARE_ from me. So I’ve been kicking around ideas, and stirring up a lot of dust. I hadn’t really considered how people would go around (if they do at all) talking about “the new strip that Grimnir did while apparently on drugs one day”, as opposed to referring to it by some proper name. Not that I mind people using a descriptive sentence instead of a title, but it just doesn’t seem like it would have any standard, and certainly not concise.

Seems to be a no-brainer really, if it needs a title, it can simply be called “The Grudge”, almost. You see, the problem lies in the confusion someone may have with a series of crappy horror movies that are also called The Grudge/2/3/4 etc. I don’t really expect that someone will confuse the difference between a Warhammer blog-comic with a shoddy horror movie, but to keep things from being confused an addendum will be made. I’ve tentatively designed a new template for the comic as “The Grudge: A Warhammer Blog-Comic”. This combines the previous title (being a descriptive sentance), and a simple and easy to remember title, that will become deeply ingrained in you mind forcing you to have sudden outbursts to your friends and drive my page view count through the roof… Or something like that anyway. You’ll see the changes with the comic for tomorrow! If you’re lucky, I’ll even convert over the old comics (and leave the originals on the compendium page).

Speaking of that bar at the top, I may have to retitle it as “The Book of Grudges”. Gosh that sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

 Thank you very much Warhammer and all affiliated parties for giving me so much damn content to play with.

Now, I believe I have a WCPI to do…

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