The Grudge #14 – Gabe doesn’t know

Because if I were a producer at Mythic, I probably wouldn’t tell him anything either. 

 Looks like they’re fixing the piles of bugs that came with 1.3 rather quickly. Supply lines were the biggest problem I had so far, but non-closing Keep doors were fun too. Guaranteed a pretty solid hour of renown at each keep I defended over the past two days. Oh, and I got my full Conqueror set now with only 43% to RR45.

I’mma gonna go do that now. No time to waste!

One thought on “The Grudge #14 – Gabe doesn’t know

  1. Haha. I logged in yesterday and had no idea what the deal with LotD was. I keep people mentioning boxes. Granted, I did not click on the "Live event" tab when it flashed on my screen at login… but the game didn't motivate me to find out 🙂


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