The Grudge #13 – Something Entirely Different.


I’m not entirely sure what drove me to do this.

If it’s bad, I’m sorry. It just sorta happened as a byproduct of… drinking too much last nite? There’s a saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here’s a lot more words than the standard fare. I think it captures the frustration of a big ol fatty fat patch to download, but a little more extreme. I like extreme.

More podcast-types coming soon! But don’t think this will be the last sketch either!

5 thoughts on “The Grudge #13 – Something Entirely Different.

  1. after WoW with the terrible bittorrent client they tried to force you to use to patch, that seriously lacked modern features and had no option to throttle speeds, change ports or anything of the sort, back when many ISPs seriously throttled bittorrent and you needed to use tricks to get around it, I could never complain about another game's patching.. though 800mb+ patches are kinda crazy.oh and, stickman's got some power in those bombs! 😉


  2. I really didn't mind the patch. It was standard fare. I can imagine it gets to some people out there, and I had a random impulse to sketch a little and break something.Sleep deprivation is a wonderful thing. I drank too much last night, got home too late to wake up for work on time, and just powered through a renown level instead. One more and I'll have my full conq set equipped 😀


  3. Despite common comments on the forums, the prepatcher really did work and made patching on the night much easier for me (downloading 200Mb instead of 800)


  4. I had no problems downloading the patch, but if I heard one more time in vent "anyone getting a patch error?" I was going to strangle myself with my mouse cord.


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