monkeyfish is a blogger here at MMOFansites with a proliferous amount of gameplay videos. Sigil (Zealot – Phoenix Throne) is the star of the show, with Lylia (Sorceress) occasionally in tow. I enjoy watching them mainly because of how often I hear Zealots talked down about or just ignored. As with any class in WAR, a good player makes it look GREAT. There’s no sound in the videos, but that isn’t really a problem for me. It’s the skill and tactics you can’t really teach on paper that you get to see in action here that interests me. I would imagine watching your own gameplay videos can also teach you quite a bit about yourself as well. The amount of kiting, aggressive pushes, and tactical retreats across a variety of enemies is simply impressive. It’s one of the things that makes me wish my guild didn’t reroll from Destro to Order back in December. The Zealot was my second choice after a Squig Herder. 

Anyways, RAWR is a really cool blog to look into. Go watch some videos, and add it to your favorite reader.

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