Spontaneous Weekend Event? Interesting

Finally the winds of WAR have begun to blow. I can see the wheels turning now in the minds of developers as they have seriously introduced some intrigue with the free-for-all Nordenwatch surprise short-term Live Event. If they’re gonna do what I think they’re gonna do, this could stand for a whole new element of the game worth fighting over. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until everyone understands, players love Scenarios! Easily 80% of my guild will log into the game, and do nothing but scenarios unless I drag their happy ass to RvDoor at a keep or BO. The few ultra-killers like myself will, instead of run scenarios, run attacks in Destro PvE zones seeing how fast we can kill players as they come running out of their chapter hubs (Don’t hate just yet, I specifically target players near my level).

First off, take a look at how scenarios have changed in the past months…

– Objectives are on a delay timer from when the match starts.
– Less Scenarios are unbalanced (though it still happens)
– City Siege scenarios are open for everyone NOT in the City PQ.
– Gates of Ekrund 6v6 R19-24 was introduced (With big-n-sexy XP rewards)
– Queue from anywhere in T4 for the area-specific scenarios.

Has anyone seen something they’ve changed in Scenarios that they DIDN’T nail perfectly? Mythic, this is the sweet and sexy area of WAR that, IMO, you’ve done very little wrong, and so much right. Going forward with what you’re good at will certainly distract the playerbase while you fix things that suck.

let’s go over some strategy that I remember quite fondly from the nordenwatch know and love.

Nordenwatch is a simple 3 point King-of-the-Hill scenario based on an island. Each faction spawns at docks, and can make their way straight forward to the first capture point being the Barracks (Destro) or Lighthouse (Order). The initial captures are worth half of the central point the Fortress.

What usually happens in Nordenwatch. The zerg blob will run up to the first flag and wait around to claim it. One or two will run right past it to the Fortress. Once the point is claimed the zerg blob will get to the fortress and the initial two will be dead under a pile of hostile enemies. A fight breaks out, the weaker side bites the dust, and the zerg blob claims the Fortress, and moves onto the enemy flag.

Zerg mind tactics right there. People do it everytime though, and I can’t imagine it’ll change a whole lot.

The REAL tactics.

First off, as soon as you enter the scenario you need to make clear what you are going to do. In a pug group, they’ll typically follow whatever happens, so convincing one or two players will generally pull the whole group. With any luck, you’ll have a single MDPS with Charge! (specifically WL or Mara) to stay and take the initial point, while the other 11 people go full out at the Fortress. RDPS and Healers should get up on top of the wall ASAP, with RDPS punting the oncoming MDPS off and away, leaving Tanks and MDPS in the middle causing all sorts of havoc.

Winning the Fortress is the key. It’s worth more points per tick, and more for the initial capture. If all you do is grab your first point (once) and hold the Fortress, you can win every single time. Let them take your spawn back, just keep your healers well defended, and have no one release. Rezzes will keep them in a defensive position.

But hey, we’re talking about a whole SLEW of ranges here. It ain’t R1-11 anymore. What kind of tactics can you expect to see in play with T4 groups running around? 

-First off, use Mounts! It’s a small map, so you can get from point A-B-C very quickly. Or rather, go from your spawn to the Fortress without stopping (aside from the designated MDPS). 
-AoE will be a serious problem, but one that can be handled. Healers and RDPS should spread out along the top of the wall, and stay far away from the common choke points like the bridge. What shall we do if we lose the initial push? 
-Party heal from safety! A side of the wall, behind the fortress, under the bridge, behind rocks. All great places to hide and group heal if you’re on the offense.
-Rift/Magnet/Fetch/Tentacle/GtdC The Fort is a small area, and will likey make excellent use of the pull mechanic to suck in enemies and efficiently murder them.
-Morale Abilities will be epic! If you’re on the offense, and really pounding against a solid wall of resistance, coordinate a surgical strike of Morale abilities to quickly wipe the entire group of enemies, then rush in and take down the stragglers.

Obviously this is going to be a great weekend for WAR, but what about the after effects? It’s time for some speculation. Personally this strikes me as a great launching point for incorporating scenarios into the full scope of the WAR. A weekend event open to all levels for different scenarios in different Tiers would be a great way to bring all the players together in a common goal. What needs to happen, is have these events MEAN something to the rest of the game. After the weekend, tally up the total amount of points between Destro and Order, and declare us the winner! Give out a special title for “Winning” the live event, and a 5% boost to the faction VP’s for the zone the scenario took place in. This would give us two GREAT initiatives for not slacking off. By going through all the scenarios, each faction will have a chance to get the title for the “Win”, and every weekend will be a regular slaughterfest in the scenarios that actually DO something for us.

So what should be the next Live Event Scenario to come up for battle? 
Think it should go along with progression through T1 with Khaines Embrace and Gates of Ekrund? 
Personally, I would love if they bounced around at random. 

Gimmie some Tor Anroc at R40!

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Weekend Event? Interesting

  1. yea this might be one of the very few weekends I queue up for scenarios, I loved nordenwatch way back.. curious to see how it holds up at t4 for entertainment..and, RvDoor? lol nice – I like that term =)


  2. Good ideas on the tactics for this. Each tier will need new tactics, and each will be different. I think rezzing will really change the face of this scen with 12 on each realm.


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