Gonna need more Slayers…

click to enlargeO the shame! Tchar’zanek was captured by Order! I watched the video captured by some Bright Wizard and held my head in disgust as they broke down the 4-skull Lord-King of IC. Surely they’ve broken all oaths of honor to accomplish this feat, and sold their souls for their sovereign set pieces. A World First they say! Touted as the mighty conquerors banishing the forces of Destruction to a new age of darkness, they are a lie.

However, one must ask what they would have done in such a situation… One must ask, whatever about the capture of Karl Franz… Perhaps these “World Firsts” are but a farce, a failure of the game to patch correctly, when no one has tested the King encounters since beta. There is much to consider, but take it all very lightly. WAR will go on!

Now look, there’s been a ton of forum warriors on the WAR boards across various sites crying over a capped king on one particular server. The opposing party FRAPS’d the entire thing where it shows them getting insta-respawned (about 5 Mythic seconds) right where they stand. Somewhere in all the angry, one of them admitted to being bugged like that since stage 3 of the city capture. You can see in the SS here, a CSR was present for the final moments, which raised some ire as well. Take it one step at a time shall we?

First off, to you angry forum warriors crying. Knock it off! You’re pathetic! Especially the ones that have admittedly left the game, and come in just to bitch and moan about every little thing they can. You’re seriously so disappointed in a game you DON’T EVEN PLAY, that you’re coming back to the official forums to cry moar? (noob)… Obviously all did not go as planned, but was there nearly this much outcry and hatred when Franz was taken? Well maybe, but they were losers too! Basically, end-game is bugged (and mostly fixed with 1.2.1 out, cross your fingers), it was bugged for Destro, it was bugged for Order, they both stole a King, fair play, get over it.

If that’s not enough to get you over the hump, think about it another way, what would you have done? I know personally just getting out of Stage 1 is a HUGE pain in the ass. I’ve run IC dozens of times, and with proper defenders, its damn near impossible! Don’t want your city sacked? Show up to defend ya louts! In the event I could push to Stage 2, only to find out there’s some horrid game breaking bug, there’s no way I’m turning back. I KNOW there’s some goodies to come, and this would be content I’ve never seen before. Do you remember the first time you walked through the gates of IC and started killing and burning? Excitement was the word. For that fact alone, there would be no turning back. Just factor in the effect of the Zerg Mind, and you don’t stand a chance of turning back. Hell, for that matter, there’s more than a handful of players out there that wouldn’t even bother reporting a bug like that, just for the sole reason to abuse it and get Sovereign gear. They, without a doubt, are also lame.

 So there was a CSR there, initially people thought it was him causing all the insta-rezzes and essentially winning the fights for these players. Think about it. There’s plenty of CSR’s in the game, can you imagine one NOT being at a stage 2 or stage 3? I’d bet one is required to show up since it’s so horribly bugged, and they’re mandated to do so. It’s nothing surprising to me at all, even if it weren’t bugged, that a CSR would be there for the final battle just to confirm the kill, and catch whatever glitches happen. I’d be pissed if I had to /stuck from some stupid terrain glitch. A CSR would be able to move you. On top of all that, whichever dev pretty much told us that the CSR log was pulled, and he didn’t do anything in the fight. Them players got lucky with being able to root/snare and kite the shit outta the King. All things that are fixed with 1.2.1, as far as we know anyways.
It’s pretty clear how I feel about all of this. Sweet! Grats! But it’s all so hollow, and you know it! All you complainers, GTFO. Chances of defenders getting to the King before the next patch? Oops, guess that didn’t happen either! Time to send these trolls back under the bridge. I’m an anti-hater like no other. I hate the haters for hating those undeserving of their hate. It didn’t effect your life, and it’s not the first time it’s happened. Yet all the haters come out when a team ADMITS to bugs. Didn’t hear any Destro reporting insta-respawns when they took Franz. Does that mean it didn’t happen? Who knows…

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