One for the book

Devzero, oh you guildless little Shaman.

T2 is fun to run around and PvP, but sometimes, you meet a challenge unsurmountable. It was just sad. I saw this R12 shammy while running my R13 archmage. Ever see two healers fight? Even with the damage buffs, we were impotent against each other.

He was minding his own buisness against some mob, actually saw me coming and ran down into a valley of fog. I lost track of him for a second, but the tab-targeting picked him up hiding between some rocks. Classy gobbo move, truly. I used to do the same on my SH. From range I throw on my DoTs, spam my hot a few times, and jump into channelling him. Curiously, he seemed to piddle a bit, and /wave at me. I did this for about two minutes before I realized something… I was not going to solo a healer, with a healer.

He sat there and /lol /wave ‘d at me for a while, then started walking backwards, peeing himself occasionally.

Eventually I got the hint. Tossed him a /lol /shrug, and left him to his buisness.

Sadly, the next spot where I found some destro, was being tanked by a R31 chosen, and spot-healed by a R28 DoK. I guess these things are necessary in oRvR, but damn, would I be bored out of my skull…

One thought on “One for the book

  1. hehe yea generally healers won't kill other healers, especially in the lower tiers..but if you completely spec dps at 40, aiming for about 1000 int and equip the right tactics, shamans and archmages can be quite effective at killing other healers; due to the AP drains and silence you can use at proper moments =)


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