2016, and the Future

For a blog that manages to post as little as I do, I’ve still managed to accumulate around 4000 views this year. So that’s something.



5 Posts, 1 Draft

The vast majority of hits have been right on the homepage. To this I attribute mostly people clicking the homepage link wherever it lies, taking a brief look or perhaps scrolling through for a while, and wandering off to other more interesting sites. I have done exceedingly little with the blog, despite continuing to pay the trivial amount to keep it alive. I suppose as long as traffic is passing through for one reason or another, I’ll keep it up. To date, the vast majority of my content remains either Warhammer Online, and D&D. Admittedly, I spend a whole lot more time doing Warhammer things at returnofreckoning.com, in large part as I’m currently the lead of the GM team there, and the past few months have been working on fixing many things.

My current focus has shifted away from D&D. The group has dissolved after one too many players had life rear its ugly head. This means my project in writing out my version of a 2e PHB is on ice for the moment. This comes as no surprise that I engaged in a large project to watch it flounder as my interests wane due to inactivity. Shock and horror! Not a bit of concern on my end. D&D will always be there, sooner or later my players will resolve their differences and Wednesday nights (or whichever night they deem appropriate) will be back in the rotation, along with my desire to develop further content for the game and refine the systems within. I still occasionally find myself poking at things, but it’s simply a fruitless endeavor at this point.

Meanwhile, the Warhammer side of things has picked up to a very large and time consuming scale. I spend hours upon hours in-game, flagged for duty, answering questions, and occasionally dealing with players who have taken a dark path. From it’s conception, I have been in charge of the Ban Appeal section of the forums, which has been interesting to say the least. As staff members come and go, eventually I found myself in a position of relative authority to accept the lead GM role, which mainly consists of advising other GM’s on what is appropriate responses and being a final word to players seeking clarity on their in-game actions, and punishments.

All of the GM’s on staff at this point are quite self-sufficient, well mannered, and authoritative enough that I’ve been able to delve into other aspects of the team. Largely, gaining access to the DB team and being able to start fixing some long standing issues. Over the past month I’ve taken a good hard swing at the Public Quests in-game, making sure they’re functional, and updating maps so they display correctly. There are several issues outstanding, and a lot of it is deductive reasoning to figure out how they’re supposed to work, and sometimes getting crafty with implementations like how the dual-faction PQ’s are setup. T1 is very nearly complete, and I’ve compiled a list of gear to start filling out the PQ bags. Pretty much all of the items in T1 were given a once-over to make sure stats are correct as well.

Looking forward to the future, there are numerous projects. Dungeons are coming once the instance builder is ready to be used. These are going to be treated like multiple stage PQ’s as far as getting them implemented. Luckily there are endless amounts of Youtube videos for each of the dungeons, usually on voice comms, so piecing back together all the stuff that was missing shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. We want to do some interesting things as well, like having Gunbad be part of the T4 dungeons. I’m also interested in getting some new sets into the game provided we can complete content that warrants their power levels. In T4, the easiest set to get has been Ruin, from PQ’s that are hardly functional. When these are revamped, it will be significantly more difficult to attain as PQ bosses will have abilities, and they scale right up to R40 end-game.

I would imagine the technical aspect of doing development for this game is quite a bit more involved than the maintainers dealt with. At least as far as my inferred understanding of large publishers doing game development, there are generally many sets of tools to give people lower level access to make changes, whereas our team works almost exclusively in the database itself. When the instance builder is released, it will make it a lot easier to implement wider scale changes, but understanding the nuances of the database is certainly beneficial for starting out. Client patching is looking to be quite interesting as well, that will give us the ability to actually update a whole bunch of tooltips for the changes we’ve made to careers, and make RvR objectives far more obvious than the workaround implementations we have to use for now. Not to mention being able to pull in all sorts of appearance gear that was never assigned inventory icons. All good things that have been on the wishlist for a long time.

So that’s the sort of thing I’ll be working on through 2017. Less D&D, more Warhammer. Not as many posts as the glory days of years past, though I may eventually leverage the blog into presenting some of the stuff I have a personal hand in.

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