Well Aware

It’s been nearly two weeks since a post, and that’s just how busy I’ve been. A new high impact project at work has kept me on my toes, and my social life has been in overdrive. These things shall pass. In the meantime, the few things I have worked on are pretty boring. Mostly cleanup of existing charts, half-baked ideas that haven’t been fully fleshed out. Hell, I have ideas for things that I wish I had time to work on and I should probably go write down before I forget about them…

Otherwise, I’m still around, just biding my time. The next thing you should see out of me is an overview of all the classes, just a line or two for each. They’re currently listed in my Campaign Resources that you can get to from the D&D menu item at the top of the page. Everything on that page will eventually be a link to the Google Drive document behind it.

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