2013 Gaming Year In Review – Part 2

Here’s the next set of my the games that I’ve gotten an “Experienced” or higher rating from Raptr this year. As we go further back through the year, you can expect I’ve let many of my memories fade into the hazy drunken part of my memories. Of course, some of these games inflicted their own damage in special ways as well. Mind the dinosaur before the list.


Rawr! It’s a dinosaur!

  1. Sanctum 2 – The only reason I own this game is because someone else bought me a copy in order to have a friend to play with. It’s a tower defense game, but in full 3d and you place the blocks/turrets/traps on a grid by hand. You’re also one of the defenders and have a variety of classes to shoot all the things with. There’s a long range sniper, shotgunner, commando, and something else I think. I was the designated builder for the dozen or so matches that I actually played. Tried a couple matches with random people, but random people on the internet, as we’re all well aware, are dicks. Not a great game, had more fun playing other things.
  2. Of Orcs and Men – I’ve had this on my wishlist throughout most of the year and must have picked it up during the Steam Fall Sale. As an indie game this does a great job nailing most of the AAA features, but as an indie game, you can also see where it falls apart. OOaM reminds me why indie developers rarely get into the high def/full 3d market.  They can only do it so well with so little. The combat in particular was a significant weakness, and the levels were extremely linear. The voice acting was a bit campy for my tastes. I stopped sometime after getting into the first city. Haven’t had a taste for it since.
  3. Aion – Listen, I don’t really know what got me into playing this for a brief 50 hours or so, probably people that I know. It was a mistake, I’ve since repented and seen a priest about the rash that it gave me. It must have gone F2P because I don’t recall spending money on it. Maybe someone bought me time. Regardless, this MMO is old, people know about it, and I’ve never really given it much thought. After throwing a solid two weeks at it, I’ve determined that it is indeed an MMO with little in the way of redeeming traits. Moving on.
  4. Saints Row 3 – This shit is crazy. Not crazy like “Whoa man that was awesome! Do it again!” but crazy like “What the fuck is going on? Why is that happening? I don’t want to see things anymore…”, and it’s great, if that’s what you’re into. I’m not really into that sort of thing. SR3 bounced between srs bzns open world crime spree and Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man WITH ROCKETS far too often for me to keep up. Pick a game you crazy shit game. My mind is not broken enough to deal with you.
  5. Dark Souls – Speaking of having to have a broken mind in order to enjoy things, Dark Souls is one of those that you’re going to hate, and its entirely by design. In that I mean, if you enjoy dying repeatedly while screaming bullshit at your PC and punching a hole through a nearby infant, seek psychological help. Technically it’s an RPG, but it’s also a roguelike. You have to grind your way though longer and longer stretches of dungeon flawlessly to advance, or so it seems at times. If the dungeon bits don’t bother you so much, the boss fights will defeat your will to grind this one out. Well, that was my experience at least.

Honorable Mention

  • Spelunky – I started playing Spelunky partially because I’ve seen League of Legends pros play it between matches, but mostly because I ❤ Nika Harper and she’s got a whole playlist of it on Youtube. Ignore all those things I said about Dark Souls for a moment, because Spelunky does it as well. There’s many levels, and I’ve died in the first area more times than I care to mention. It’s done in a way that’s actually fun and not painful. Maybe it’s the art design that forces you to think of happy fun time, or the control scheme that takes no chances on the mainstream expectation, or the desperate calls for help from the mansel in a dress and lipstick (or am I imagining things). It would be on my list of games this year, but I really only play it for a couple minutes at a time between doing other things. It’s worth the several dollars to have a little something around to pass the inbetween moments.

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