It’s that day that I generally forgo a normal blog post and give some props out to a pair of posts in the blogging community. I mean, it’s been a week right? I’ve got to have at least two blog posts that I’ve read which have blown my mind at least a little bit. This thing is fragile, old, and prone to acts of violence. I’m quite susceptible to inspired fits of furious fingering on the keyboard. Also, it’s a nice reprieve from what seems to be a permanently painful Monday work schedule that may or may not have me up until the wee hours listening to the squeals of irate clients and their broken computer issues. I also play D&D on Monday nights, which absorbs much of my blog preparation time.

Without further interruption from your blogger extraordinaire, I give you my two picks for the week. It’s Two-On-Tuesday.


We all have our moments when we get caught up in the games we play. CONVENIENTLY PLACED EXHAUST PORT (or CPEP as I like to call it) has been banging away on his keyboard seemingly caught in one of these moments. I liked it. It got a nod from me.

Then there’s the plight of a community moderator and what the REALLY go through trying to filter out all that incessant whining. Frank is the man, as usual, and tells us how a professional handles the dirty work.

One thought on “Two-On-Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the nod! I wanted to get for my blog, but I was worried all my traffic would come from people confusing me with a high priced sleep aid. As it stands, only one or two of my views a week come from that. =P


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