Wanna Have A Three Way?

Three faction PvP. Who even likes that stuff anyway? You get bits all tangled together, everyone looks the same, what color are we supposed to be?These objectives are complicated and hard! Why do I keep getting double teamed? Well, that’s the way I like it, and it seems like the bandwagon is loading up quick. All aboard! 2012 is the year of the threesome!

Rift is the latest to jump on the train and if they manage to capture their incredible depth of talent focused in just the way they know how to do it, I think it could be a very strong contender in this three sided arena. Oh it might seem like I’m biased towards Rift due to the content on the blog, but Guild Wars 2 has been the light at the end of my tunnel after WAR collapsed into a heap. The PvP in Rift just never clicked for me, not mechanically or the feel or anything like that, just for a purpose. This could set up a big change.

Guild Wars, at least from the beta event, didn’t seem to have actual WORLD PvP, so much as it had MASSIVE server vs server vs server battlegrounds loaded with keeps, siege weapons, and littered with objectives everywhere. From what I’ve heard, TSW has actual world PvP, but that’s been through whispers and light on details. The specifics on how affected players on hasn’t been revealed to me. Rift appears to be dedicating a large portion of Stillmoor to open PvP which might be more similar to how WAR handled things, minus the doors and keeps. Crafting will be taking on a role in building up armaments somehow, but details are light at the moment, and the test server goes live on Thursday.

Details within the linkage! Obligatory Rift forum post!

Now that we have some big players in the 3-way PvP, maybe SOMEONE will get it right. We can hope!    

2 thoughts on “Wanna Have A Three Way?

  1. Nimble and generally quite competent. I hope they can capture the essence of multiple faction PvP, or at least continue iteration until they get there.


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