NBI in the Month of May

Ah, Nude Body Inspectors, just in time for the weather to start warming up and the ladies to wear things a little more comfortable.

Wait, no… that’s not at all what NBI is for. Lets try that again.

It’s been a while since we had a chance, as a blogging community, to encourage those of you out in the readership to join our ranks. Well now is the time! For the next month blogs all across the interwebs will be reaching out for new bloggers to speak up and let us pimp your wordsmithery! Do you have an opinion? Are you relatively cheerful, or maybe just a colorful asshole? You too could get involved in the wonderful world of blogging! Come on already, we LIKE reading. New hands on the keyboard are exactly what I’m looking for, and there’s tons of support to be had with the NBI.

Head down to nbihq.freeforums.org for all sorts of advice, ideas, and a huge host of some 70-odd bloggers that are more than happy to help out. Or ask me! I’m a pretty nice guy when I get to drinking!

If you’re interested in writing about gaming, MMO’s, your cat fetish, laundry techniques, how to grow pumpkins, or whatever, this is the month to do it. My personal preferences lie with the first two items, but to each their own. I’ll have a couple posts throughout the month about why I write, how I got started, and how I keep it going sporadically every couple of weeks with random huge ass walls of text.

You can do it too! We’re here for ya!

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