When All Else Fails, Dig

I might take another crack at this Let’s Play/Livestreaming thing in the short future, so I decided to see whether or not Livestream is going to behave itself this time around. At any rate, Minecraft was my test platform of choice and once I started rolling… well, I just made a tour of my single player world. There’s no narrative or anything, just the game sounds. Didn’t think to check that. Basically it’s 36m or so of me running through all the crap that I’ve done.

Performance, I’m pleased to find out, is significantly better that it was in the past. I’m thinking League of Legends will be the next test. Then maybe some Rift. Anyway, if you want to see the crap I’ve been doing in Minecraft, feel free.



Watch live streaming video from wargrimnir at livestream.com

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