The More You Know!

First off, if you follow me on Twitter you may occasionally see tweets from me hocking a Kickstarter project written by the leader of Iniquity. Let me just vomit forth a few links here in case you’re not a-tweetin’ (you fool!).

Ferrel on Twitter
The Blog
Kickstarter Project
Some Creepy Youtube Video of a Dragon
The Podcast
Needless to say, they’re a little excited that it’s close to being finished. Now with that out of the way I was going to talk about one of my RL friends that I had a conversation with about Rift. He’s one of the 11 million avid World of Warcraft players that have heard about Rift, but never really had a chance to play it. The word on the street is that, apparently, it’s just another MMO stealing the spotlight for a moment before it fizzles out and everyone “goes back to WoW”. I mentioned that I played Rift to him, and there was some genuine intrigue. When I mentioned I did a little bit of blogging his ears perked right up (you know, WoW invented the MMO blog of course). Once I started to delve into the things that made me <3 Rift all over the place, he began panting like a bitch in heat.

I ‘ll likely continue this in my next post, as I’m heading out to the bar for some recreational drinking and ass-grabbing. You get a short one, because as I’ve learned, once I toss a post in the Drafts folder, that shit never sees the light of day again.


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