Ride the Caribou

Real Shamans ride Caribou
I’ve tossed in my Defiant towel, for now at least. The Aussie guild that I bounced over to was just keeping me up way too late at night. Probably wasn’t healthy for me in the long run to work 5 days a week on 4 hours of sleep each night. I suppose I could have bounced around there for a while, but instead I’ve heeded the call of Iniquity. It’s headed by @FerrelES from EpicSlant.com and has been around for quite a long time. I’ll withhold comments as I’ve literally just made my way into the guild. They’re playing Guardians on Byriel which means re-rolling and starting with pretty much nothing at all. They did pass down some bags to the lot of us (thanks!). Runebreaking is a pain when you’re dealing with 8-slot bags. 

My regular crew of guys made the trip over to Byriel as well and actually had a couple days head start on me since I was up north* for the past weekend (*Michigan thing I think; most of the urban/suburban citizenry vacations up north and works in the southern end of the state). However, Friday before leaving I started a fresh Tree Monkey Cleric and burned my way to level 13. Normally I would be playing a Dwarf, but their racial ability is pretty blatantly insulting to me. Being able to fall twice as far insinuates they spend a lot of time being tossed. Definitely not a Dwarven trait, imo. I enjoyed the Bahmi leap ability as it gave me access to all kinds of exploratory places in the world, so continuing that with an Tree Monkey made sense. They’re so damn skinny though…

Between Sunday and Monday I’ve blitzed my way to Lv28 and also have been smacking my Livestream account in the face. I think tonight we should have things set up properly for audio, though there’s a few videos of normal dungeon runs on my page if anyone can stand the silence. We like to run them quick and haphazardly so there’s more than a few wipes but it’s a ton of fun. We try to warn people beforehand that we’re crazy bastards when it comes to dungeons. Everything is a dps race, there’s no stopping. If we’re out of combat there’s something wrong. Our tank is amazing, our healer is amazing, and our DPS loves to punch things in the face. 4 out of 5 of us are on Skype and are totally synced with how we run. The unlucky guildie or random is usually strung along for the ride. Unsure if that’s a bad thing or not.

Ah, also for future reference, these videos will be highly NSFW because we swear like a bunch of pissed off sailors at a swearing convention. I try to warn these guys beforehand that they’re being recorded, but usually that just instigates worse language, subject material, etc, so I figure it’s better to leave them unaware. Be prepared for more of these!

Okay, that’s my bi-weekly post. More when I have other things to talk about. Keep an eye on the livestream stuff for more frequent updates. 😀

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