Gutter Running

I highly recommend going to the Youtube page and watching it there at a higher resolution!

Okay, so I finally got around to firing up FRAPS and stretching my video making legs a bit. Of course as usual I realize well after it’s all cut together that I pretty much left out any context at all. Personally, I blame the alcohol while some of you might just point at my incompetence. Either way it is what it is. Hanging out with a friend of mine and ganking the unfortunate or unlucky. Also, we manage to die quite a bit. Good times!

4 thoughts on “Gutter Running

  1. That looks like a good time. I can’t wait for them to get all the bugs knocked out of the new system.Hey, what addon are you using for your action buttons and minimap?


  2. Sorry I meant action bars.. or are those just the standard ones with the left and right endcaps hidden?Roll up a newbie and spend some time in the lower tiers.. I’m interested in hearing your opinion on the patch as it applies to lower rr toons.rvr xp in the lower tiers seems to me to be excruciatingly slow. But maybe it’s just me? I hate the thought of pve’ing for xp. For a tome unlock, now… different story =P


  3. Ah, yes they’re the standard action bars. I use Phantom to hide UI elements that are persistent. End caps always kinda seemed like a frilly waste of space.As for leveling a new toon I’ve taken a stand against it. I’ve got more than enough RR60-ish toons that I need to take to the next level, I don’t really want to spend any time on lowbies if I can help it. Might be something to do during city sieges though.


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