Riding the Mythic Rollercoaster

(Yeah, I realize I should be saying BiowareMythic, but that’s dumb. They’re not the same thing.)

Well, we’ve gone from getting covered in figurative vomit yesterday to seeing this pair of RvR Packs today.

I have to say, it’s a fine distraction. I’m going to reflect on those for a moment.

What bothers me however, who the hell is making these price decisions anyway? Is it even the same person? Maybe the same group of people? It’s like someone picked up their first price gun and started shooting around 5 10 15 and 20$ prices all over the place without really paying attention to what they were hitting. I might be making a big deal over this, but it irks me. Sloppy. Very sloppy.

At least the RvR Packs come as a pleasant surprise (see pictorial equivalent above). 10$ if you feel like purchasing a single pack and 15$ if you wish to partake in both of them. I was personally expecting double the price as a minimum since the only other pricing we had a comparison to was the RMT items. I want to make a comparison for a moment to further push my price gun theory.

Trusty Mount: R20 mount, 60% movement speed, pretty colors. 10$

Personality Pack: 4 BarberSurgeon tokens, 4 Pet tokens, 1 Heavy Mount RR60 70% move speed, access to NEW dye. ALSO 10$??

Why? Why is it okay to charge 10$ for a single mount, and simultaneously charge 10$ for a whole slew of things including a BETTER MOUNT!? Yeah, FOUR pets. You can compare this to the Snotling as well. One Snotling pet costs you 10$, but the Personality Pack costs exactly the same and gives you 4 pets!

I’m going to need some help here…

Okay, better.

My recommendation is thus, buy the two RvR packs. If you have toons on Iron Rock don’t buy the character transfer for 20$, just wait it out. Play on a different server for a while if you have an alt hanging around somewhere. Transfers will happen naturally as people abandon that sinking ship and you’ll be 20$ better off (for every toon you’d want to move). All the other RMT offerings can likewise be ignored unless you like to burn money. The only message we can send; that the prices here are out of line, is by simply not paying for them. At least, that’s what my wallet has been telling me.

Also, there appears to be some more PTS testing due this week. I hope to get in on it, possibly testing the new RvR instance with the RR100 template toons. I’ll be sure to give feedback on that when I get a chance. Although I’ve been keeping my expectations low lately, I’m secretly hoping to be pleasantly surprised. With any luck, this will be the same style of revamp that made the new City instances enjoyable (when people actually play them). Something I can get excited about! Yay!

6 thoughts on “Riding the Mythic Rollercoaster

  1. So are you saying that I shouldn’t transfer off of Iron Rock cause eventually it will get better? I was surprised at how inexpensive the RvR packs are, doesn’t make sense to not purchase both.


  2. I’m saying don’t bother transferring because people (and guilds) are already in the process of doing so. The threshold for dead server-ness isn’t far off and eventually Mythic will transfer the rest at no charge.


  3. Wouldn’t that be a 2nd party facepalm? Where does the third party come in?And the unedited version of the first pic.. well… that’s just the best thing on the internet. ever.15 bucks for the expansions is ok with me. I’ll be buyin’ ’em. Far as the other ones goes.. naaah I think I’ll skip. As will most others. the price will come down in a month or two, just watch.Now, quit slacking and make some more videos! =P


  4. First party = you, Second party = mythic, Third party = helpful friend… Prices are ridiculous… I’m trying to get friends to place this game and these fools just make them self look like clueless retards.


  5. Good observations! I wonder if the horse price disparity has to do with player longevity? Charge more for the lower level horse as those players may or may not stick with the game beyond RR80 and never purchase the RvR Pack? Meanwhile, charge less for the pack as players who have been in game longer and appear they will stick it out get a price break?


  6. I disagree Grimnir, I suspect they will make everyone pay to transfer off so they generate more cash.It’s evil at work – pure evil.


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