Back from an extended AFK

Oh hey guys. I guess it’s been quite a while and some of you were wondering where the hell I went eh? Well I’ve been over here doing some non-WAR blogging. Initially this started because of the Steam Summer Sale and I thought APB was going to be something of a large hit. On top of that I had gotten into EVE pretty deeply, and suddenly it turned out that all these other games were getting more time than WAR to begin with. Although my need to write has significantly diminished since getting onboard with Twitter micro-blogging and the pretty awesome community you can find there, I still wanted an outlet for my more wordy endeavors. At any rate, I’ll be bringing the WAR blagh nonsense back here from time to time.

There may also have been some lingering guilt for have a Dwarf themed blog and playing Destruction. Alas, much as I would like to return to Badlands I’ve carved out a niche here on Iron Rock, and it’s a comfy one. Not to mention the rampant overpopulation of that server. Like rabbits!

At any rate, WAR is pretty firmly back on my radar (as evidenced by ). It was probably a combination of the RvR pack announcement, the 1.3.6 release, the double RR/XP weekend, and the past Eternal Citadel 6v6 scenario that really kicked everything off, but my guild has never been as active as it has been in the past weeks. Really an active community that I can feel a part of makes a game work for me. As much as I love being that solo cockbag who is head and shoulders above the crowd in skill, you can’t do Lost Vale, Vulture Lord, or stand a chance against a solid premade on your own. Elevate me to a higher echelon of play, I’ve turned over a new leaf and now I’m working for a team again. I even had a guy from the alliance ask if I did addon videos, apparently he recognized my voice over Vent, always an ego boost. Hehe… like I need it.

Currently I’ve given up on the DPS Shaman, mostly because I randomly specced my Chosen for DPS and fell in love with the class again. There’s a lot more respect for a DPS Chosen out there than a DPS Shaman, regardless of how much more powerful the Shaman is in theory. With the Chosen I’ve gotten invite after invite for premades and dungeons, and with the Sham (advertising as DPS) I’ve gotten laughed at quite a bit and on the rare occurence I’ve run they expected me to lifetap heal. Which I wasn’t specced for at all really. Point being, the glory is with the big armored dude carrying a giant axe over the little git that no one wants to play with. I believe I addressed this issue in one of my Shaman posts, but no one will like you so get used to it, or play something else.

It’s an exciting time in the WAR Blogosphere with all the news popping up about the RvR packs and 1.4, so consider this my commitment to start writing a fair amount more. Provided I can sneak around it while at work anyway! First things first, I’ll be posting what I would like to see with the changes to Engineers they’ve been hinting at here.

5 thoughts on “Back from an extended AFK

  1. It’s good to have you back. Unfortunately my Chosen is on Badlands so my Engineer is on Iron Rock. Doesn’t matter really cause I have been on Volkmar playing my Black Orc. I made T3 a couple of days ago and it’s been pretty overwhelming.


  2. Welcome back!I’m running in a one man guild, and it’s been working for me so far. I’m feeling the hurt because I can’t run any decent dungeons and I’m missing some good premades. Might need to find a guild soon. :S


  3. Thanks guys. Nice to feel the love a little bit.I’ve actually got a post coming up that hits on that feeling Blaq, provided I have time to finish it before getting work dumped on me again. :Shakes fist: Curse you work!


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