Double Tap

The unrelenting march of WAR blogs continues to trample the internets into submission. Holy hell, you’d think this was a game with a couple million subs or something. Well, this guy here, presumably going by the name Rakathu, has been whipping himself into a frenzy to re-sub to WAR in the past few weeks. So far so good, but it’ll be an interesting read to see if he really embraces the game, or gets a second handful of ragequit in the coming months. Time will tell.


You remember when you were in T3, and Tor Anroc popped, then you proceeded to run to the volcano and promptly get your sorry ass punted straight into the lava? Well, Artiee is one of those assholes that you swore at and summarily had nightmares about. Not only will he happily punt you into lava, there’s also a fair amount of fences in the game that he’ll aim for. I cannot wait for players to discover his blog and RAGE all over it. Should be good times. Check him out at

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