Double Tap

Oh, but this is just the first part of the double tap today… Hehe…

Alright, so the first new-ish blogger to the realm is Blaq, blogging at and tube-ing at Insert random praise, enjoy the posts, ravenously reading every piece, yadda yadda. Go there and add him to your reader feed thing or whatever it is you use to keep up with the world. Blaq has some nice videos to check out, subscribe to, and demand moar of. If there’s one thing that gets me going, it’s people bitching and whining about how I don’t post enough!

El Bloggero numero dos on the meat grinder of doom is Rancid working out of the corner. A self proclaimed sage of wise wisdom and shit, Rancid is working his pants off to keep all you scrubs trodding along with the zerg. If you’re not sure if you’re a scrub or not, then you should probably check him out. If you’re not a scrub, you should go check it out anyway so you can, uh, not make fun of the scrubs. I guess.

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