Darkside taint tastes like coconut

These here WAR bloggers just keep multiplying I tell ya. It’s half my damn posts these days! Check out Asvaldr over at Champion of Chaos for another taste of that tainted darkside that ya’ll love so much. Mmm nom nom, darkside taint. Weirdos. Show this guy some tentacled love since I pretty much made him start over from scratch, lol!

Click the pic for the link!

6 thoughts on “Darkside taint tastes like coconut

  1. Well then have I got a deal for you! For the LOW LOW Price of only 14.99$ YOU TOO can play Warhammer Online!I spend more on alcohol in less than an hour than 14.99$!hehe


  2. I found a nice looking one if you haven’t seen it already, and yes that is most likely a chosen of Khorne which are the best kind of chosen.


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