Weekend Warfront Hangover

Apparently I’m just in a pissy mood lately, but you know what? I feel justified. Some things just make me want to eat babies.

Like this guy, he’s friendly, I swear. Now go eat your fucking vegetables.

Now, don’t get me wrong or anything, I’ve got just as big a hard-on as anyone about the changes coming to the city. It’s by far the best thing that’s happened to this game since, well… Yeah. Better than the hack job done to where’d-all-my-scenarios-go, better than the horrifying itemization (pocket items of fuckyou-i-win, uber-ultra-talismans, better-than-sovereign set gear, ZOMGWTF weapons, etc..) that is the Land of the Dead, and even though they all add up to a staggering mountain of patch notes better than all the accumulated bug-fixes. To be fair, the amount of bugs was pretty embarassing and probably shouldn’t have existed in the first place. I don’t really consider that development…

It just seems like every good thing they push into the game, they have to come back with something that just makes you scratch your head and go “Who do they think is playing this game?”. I’d say a 50% win rate for the dev team is pretty fair. Now I tried to do what I can to save our scenarios, in the end there was a slight concession leaving us a couple more scenarios and we had the advent of Weekend Warfronts. Well, someone dropped the ball on the Weekend deal and now we’re starting over. Last weekend was Black Fire Basin for the second time, and now it’s Doomfist Crater for the second time.

Why does this matter? Well I’m glad you asked! Shut up! I don’t care if you didn’t ask I’m gonna tell you anyway! Look..

2/26 Ironclad
3/5  Highpass Cemetary
3/12 Howling Gorge
3/19 Black Fire Basin
3/26 Doomfist Crater
4/2  Phoenix Gate
4/16 Twisting Tower
4/23 Black Fire Basin
4/30 Doomfist Crater

The difference between the first and second set of BFB and DC is archived at Gaarawarr’s site (since he’s been tracking all the live event tasks). The difference? Well, there isn’t any. Not a difference in the event tasks, not a difference in the rewards, not a difference in the mechanics of the scenarios, nothing. For a solid 7 weeks it seemed like Mythic got it right and we’re very solid in their commitment to variety via the weekends. So what happened? Did the guy in charge of setting this stuff up get fired? Is he busy hard at work rocking out TF2 instead of setting up the next WW? Someone dropped the ball here. There’s pages of suggestions for different things they could do to scenarios, so far we’ve seen very little in the way of content out of this.

Well, whatever, it’s not something we even have an answer for so speculate your ass off if ya want. I don’t want. I’m content with just being angry about it. Take away a bunch of scenarios under the premise of fixing them. Give us Weekend Warfronts as a concession, then abandon ship with no rhyme or reason. It’s cool man, they’re working on the cities yeaah. That must be why they stopped live production.

This is what gets me, and maybe it’s my managerial perspective, but once work is commissioned one would expect a certain amount of follow up to be taken into account. When a recurring job is put into someones hands, you expect that job to be done in a timely manner at it’s recurring interval. It makes me wonder what kind of production is required to set up a scenario to be ready for a Weekend Warfront. Considering the amount of structure already in place (which should be the main focus, creating a structure as opposed to copypasta editing), after you have the first few nailed down it should be fairly quick and simple to production line more out there.

I see it as a lack of accountability. Maybe not on the one person who was working on it, maybe not on the management either, but just a general breakdown in how accountability is distributed among our peers. Justification does a wonder on things we should be accountable for. It’s a magic word that absolves you of your responsibilities without those nasty pangs of guilt, until someone calls you out on it anyway. I love when justification is used to divert responsibility, because how I was raised it gets a firm and swift “Deal with it”. There’s so many variables however, WE might never know where the breakdown of responsibility occured and a justification was inserted. It doesn’t make me look at this any differently.

Maybe I’m just being excessively harsh. It boils down to being told I’m getting one thing, and then waking up in the morning with a thick brown coat of shart on my frosted flakes. A dozen more scenarios untouched since the change and already we’re getting repeat weekends? It just shouldn’t happen.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Warfront Hangover

  1. I agree. This is pants. The only excuse I can give them is that they are focused on the next patch and testting. But the Weekend Warfront means nothing to me anymore, can’t even be arsed to check to see which Scenario it is.


  2. “Rage Blogging” LOLI’m not happy about this either. I bought into their idea of the new scenario structure and up until they started the repeats I was enjoying it. They gave me something to look forward to for the weekend and I like getting new titles, so there was a little achievement in there for me. So my main ALT can get the titles now.The only thing I can figure is the effort put into 1.3.5 has distracted the resources. Even so … all this work was to be scoped out and one assumes much of it could’ve been done well in advance and simply deployed when the time came.Maybe they just don’t know what to do with the ones we haven’t seen yet. If so, ask the community and we’ll give you a task list that will suffice.I hope next week this gets back on track.


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