W-E-B-C-A-S-T Friday Preview

Well ain’t that pretty..


More to the point! Come check out the webcast on Friday from 8-ish to 9-ish EST. It’s important that you catch it live, because the recorded version of the show won’t have me on it. Technology loophole that we’re still working on figuring out but hopefully we can git er done by Friday.

Now don’t worry people, it’s only Tuesday. You have plenty of time still. If you forget I’ve got a little tag on my sidebar to remind you.

Mykiel will be running the show, but from what I gather we have a handful of things coming up.

  • Hardcore vs. Casual : Is WAR a place where you flower sniffin’ bunny humpers can have your cake and eat it too?
  • Perceptions of being Overpowered featuring DoK/Sorc/Chosen and WP/BW/KotBS
  • Game-breaker of the week!
  • Some sort of contest for live viewers (details pending… game-card perhaps?)

As always, being a live broadcast we like to get the audience involved as much as possible. Not that we have any lack of content, but because it’s just that cool. So grab your buddies by the face and drag them over to the site on Friday night. They didn’t have anything better to do anyway and the bars will be open by the time we finish, although Mykiel isn’t usually in any state fit for driving. Even if you just want to get on here and cuss someone out for facerolling them for the umpteenth time, I think we’d allow it. Hehe…


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