Addons – Tons of em!

Because if you’re gonna get into massive UI and functionality overhauls, it’s best to do it all at the same time. I plan to go over a bunch of these and do a couple videos, probably 5-6 addons at a time, in 5 minute increments. Keep an eye out for them!

Bah, volunteering myself for work… heh…

7 thoughts on “Addons – Tons of em!

  1. Is it bad that I have no clue what most of those are for? lol. tbh, this is the first game I’ve played with mods so I stick to the basics I guess. Just wish more were updated regularly.


  2. That’s a lot of Add Ons! I’ve just come back to the game after 8 months and my Add Ons folder and UI was an unrecognisable mess! I’ve installed Yak’s UI though which is great but there are a tonne of mods in it that I’ve no idea about. Your voluntary work would be appreciated!! Do all these mods slow down your FPS any??


  3. Ah, nothing really slows down my fps unless I’m trying to do videos or if there’s some seriously massive RvR. The 200v200 battles drop me to around 10fps. Whether or not I can get faster I’m not really sure. Haven’t played the game naked in a long while…


  4. Do you like Warboard? I’ve been using Waaaghbar since God knows when, and love it, but there are a few minor glitches with it I would liked sorted out that will never happen in it’s unsupported state.


  5. I’d be interested to see a tutorial concerning HUDUF, assuming you knew how it works. HUDUF is what YakUI uses for the party interface, but whenever I try to import it, whether from a clean install or the YakUI archive itself it’s completely out of shape and the scaling is off. I haven’t been able to make anything constructive out of it.The add-on went unsupported quite a while ago, but is fairly powerful.


  6. @shadow Never used Waaaghbar, when I started getting heavy into addons it was already out of date. Warboard was supported up until 1.3.1 I think.@erbse Never heard of HUDUF, I’ll have to take a lookie at it =D


  7. The add-on can be found here: alternatively be specifically drawn out of the downloadable YakUI archive @ Warhammer Alliance.Now, it’s really mighty from what I understand and have seen, nothing I could get myself into ‘just like that’.This is an example of YakUI: is responsible for the party/warband HUD, as well as your own / enemies health. It partially looks similar to pure, but it’s not pure. The reason I liked HUDUF is because it seems to be an awesome replacement for the standard warband UI while not being an eyesore, at least much less so than squared would be :PWhen I try HUDUF (which apparently comes with a YakUI preset available) the scaling is completely off, which just drives me insane. Well, most definitely one of the more complex add-ons to get oneself into, which might be pretty rewarding ultimately though.


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