-Scenario- Weapon Price Adjustment

I think it’s a little insulting to call them “RvR” weapons, you really only get emblems and insignias from doing scenarios, which is exactly what I’ve been doing on my Shaman since he hit T3.

Anyway, there’s a big over-explained post on the Herald here by Nate Levy.

They’re not low enough, not nearly enough at least for T3.

I hit R22 on my Shaman the day after the patch went through and started doing scenarios exclusively on him. He’s the only toon that I managed to finish the live event with, and currently he’s sitting at R26/RR26. The RR24 Staff before cost 660 T3 Emblems, and was reduced to 340. The RR29 Staff (which has a measly 10 more stat points) costs 490.

With a ~50% win rate at scenarios, by R26, I’ve racked up a grand total of 253 T3 Insignias. That’s with the full 24 hour buff from the Live Event reward. Still 87 shy of getting a weapon that is 2 levels beneath me (and will likely be 3 levels by the time I have the cash). This means by R27 I’ll be able to afford the RR24 weapon, BUT I won’t be able to get the RR29 weapon before getting kicked out of T3. To take things a step further, the ONLY reason that I have anywhere near this many Insignias is because I’ve done NOTHING but queue for scenarios throughout my entire T3 experience, and I’m already past the halfway mark of T3 with no weapon to show for it. Let alone any of the influence gear for doing REAL RvR.

So where’s the balance here? I know it’s possible to go out and RvR for all 9 pieces of Influence gear before being ejected into T4, I’ve done that before. Do I need to invest the same amount of time in scenarios for a SINGLE weapon? The trade-off seems a little underwhelming, especially since the Sentry (RR16 green) weapon has 5 more of my main stat and costs a few measly silver. Oh, but I guess I miss out on that +4 AP and +2 crit. Woo. I’ve said it before on the PTS, these weapons are not that great until you start looking at the RR65+ ones. For T1-T3, they’re damn near unattainable unless you queue for scenarios EXCLUSIVELY, and even then you’re only going to get one of the two choices for the tier. It’s not necessary. Drop the prices for T1-T3 by half again and they might be close enough that people can enjoy a balance of RvR, Scenarios, and PQ’s without missing the rewards from each of them.

Players don’t have a chance to stay in the lower tiers forever. You get one run through. With the prices, even reduced to where they are now, players are going to miss out on them if they do anything besides queue. Another one-dimensional aspect of the game… /sad

3 thoughts on “-Scenario- Weapon Price Adjustment

  1. I have done nothing but scenarios in t2 and am now lvl 25 and I am not even halfway there. They need to be about half of where they currently are. The t4 ones should stay the same you have all the time in the world to get those but the other ones should not be that hard to get.


  2. And you expected differently from WAR?It sounds like it needs to be reduced even more than half. You should be able to complete all influence in the tier zones along with scenarios. How about doing PQ’s, or questing too?


  3. In fact I consider my lil Squigs T2 Influence reward to be better than the RR29 Weapons. As nice the cliche survivability stats are (Wounds, crit, crit reduction, AP / sec) they’re completely unneeded in the lower tiers and have hardly any impact whatsoever. Underlining their how clueless they are just a bit further.


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