100,006 is a very humbling number.

It’s not very often that I stop and drool over the attention my gracious readers and fellow bloggers lay upon this humble blog that I’ve marked as my own corner of the internet. This is one of the inevitable milestones, and just in time for the New Year. It’s a wonderful gift from you all, and I do appreciate it and look forward to delivering content as often as creatively possible. It’s a number like this that make some of us bloggers stop and go “Well damn. I really didn’t think I would come this far.”

For myself, I really didn’t imagine this blog being something more than a way to dispense some creative writing on occasion with the Warhammer lore in mind. Almost immediately after my first post I realized that it was going to be so much more than that. This is the place for my thoughts and ideas to be displayed, all the theories and what-ifs, little quips and quotes from various other WAR community members. Oh and the community was thick and ripe with blogs back when I first started. Well, for a month or so anyway. What I had stumbled upon was the tail end of the Warhammer blogging phenomenon, but it hadn’t deterred me in the slightest. If anything it made me more stubborn and persistent in providing great (or at least somewhat interesting) content for the players and WAR-curious gamers out there.

To be fair, the game isn’t in great shape. Although TONS of bugs have been fixed, and performance has improved exponentially, the population has thinned down dramatically over this past year. We’re still out here though, gamers and fans, bloggers and forum admins, we still enjoy every huge heartpounding battle and the sight of that elusive drop or revenge inspired kill. There’s a lot to love about WAR, and as long as there’s people dropping by this corner of the internet, I’ll be sure to share that love. I’ll share my hopes and dreams, thoughts and inspirations, moments of glory, and the rare moment of well earned defeat. As I see things now, WAR is coming out of it’s infancy as an MMO. It’s established a solid foundation of like-minded bloodthirsty ravenous warriors hungering for the next sight of battle to redden their vision and incite a riot. For massive visceral RvR experience in an immersive world rich with an IP that stretches back with literal decades of history, well… Nothing even comes close to touching it.

I would still be playing the game regardless of this blog, but I wouldn’t still be blogging without the people who make it all worthwhile.

That’d be you.

5 thoughts on “100,006 is a very humbling number.

  1. Same ta you Rivs! You dirty dirty Chosen…My unbridled enthusiasm comes from the fact that WAR has everything I need in an MMO. In fact, my response to the comment was so long it pretty much turned into a new blog post anyway. Hehe, that'll come later!Special thanks to 8-Toes and Severed Pinkies for letting me spread my WAR-butter all over mmofansites for the past year too!


  2. You have inspired me to at least give the endless trial a run for the next few months. When my LOTRO account runs out in the time I may have to consider my options then.


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