League of Legends beta keys.

I talked about this game once before, but if anyone is interested I have 6 additional keys to giveaway. First come, first serve. Drop a comment and have a valid email attached to it.

I hear it's like a vastly expanded DotA…

Free stuff! Come and get it!

9 thoughts on “League of Legends beta keys.

  1. Rist! I got your comments. =DThey not getting approved because you have your email in the post section, but I sent out a key to each of you anyway. Thanks for reading. 😉


  2. Would love to try that game… hope to get a key. Btw heard you on the Warhammer alliance podcast.. good stuff. I'm a zealot on Badlands, so I'll make sure to detaunt you and scream on vent for help. heheh plus i totally agree with your view on the apprenticeship, especially in regards to not applying it to rvr. Lets hope this patch is good. Happy Hunting.


  3. Please send me an invite if you can. Jahz told me about the game and about you having some beta keys avail. Would appreciate an invite too.


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