Verizombie, the walking dead of ISP’s eats Warhammer brains (and servers).

Here I thought this was a temporary thing that happened in the middle of the day. Apparently there’s Verizon servers down all over the country, and WAR has been offline since around 2pm EST. This tickles me something awful, and surprisingly the official thread has had some very un-moderated chatter. Mostly people supporting the game after their initial rage cools down and they realize, no really, this isn’t Mythics fault this time. There’s been very timely updates, and the community team is, as usual, supportive and reasonable. I like some of the suggestions for the downtime compensation. Particularly the Otherworld Talisman that Tekkor suggested.

At the 9pm update we find out that along with the Verizombie attack some bits of hardware had more than it could handle and bit the dust. Hopefully a quick fix and replacement brings the servers back up in time for some more late night pwning. Some people have it in mind that we should rally up the Verizombie employees and take it out on them, however, like any good zombie, someone has to be pulling the trigger. There’s a Chinese-Russian-Korean-Bear-Tank-Necromancer out there somewhere doing this…

Oh great, now they found ninjas too.

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